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They Died Too Young Quiz 4.

A collection of ten more famous Celebrities who did die far too young. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

John Candy 1950-1994 Brilliant character actor starred in many films, which country was he born in?

  • England
  • France
  • Canada
  • Mexico

Question 2 Photo

Billy Fury 1940-1983 at one time hailed as Britain's answer to Elvis, he had a favourite hobby in his free time but which one? Clue: Binoculars.

  • Stamp Collecting
  • Bird Watching
  • Weight Lifting
  • Motor Cycling

Question 3 Photo

James Beck 1929-1973 famous for his role as Joe Walker in Dads Army, what other comedy series did he star in?

  • On The Buses
  • Romany Jones
  • The Liver Birds
  • Man About The House

Question 4 Photo

Tony Hancock 1924-1968 tragic comedy actor, in the Egg Commercials who played his landlady?

  • Patricia Hayes
  • Hattie Jacques
  • Liz Frazier
  • Joan Sims

Question 5 Photo

Bill Werbeniuk 1947-2003 Canadian Snooker Player, he once in the 1970s drank 76 cans of lager in a match against who? Clue An Englishman.

  • Ray Reardon
  • Doug Mountjoy
  • Hurricane Higgins
  • John Spencer

Question 6 Photo

Leslie Howard 1893-1943 famous actor and servant to his country, his aircraft was shot down in the war because the enemy believed who was on the aircraft? Clue: Bulldog.

  • Churchill
  • Eisenhower
  • Mussolini
  • De Gaulle

Question 7 Photo

Yootha Joyce 1927-1980 comedy actress in The Man About The House and George And Mildred, who was the actor who played George?

  • Brian Murphy
  • Reg Varney
  • Bob Grant
  • Michael Robbins

Question 8 Photo

Bobby Stokes 1951-1995 Southampton Footballer who scored the winning goal at in the F.A.Cup Final against Manchester United but in what year?

  • 1974
  • 1976
  • 1978
  • 1980

Question 9 Photo

Monica Rose 1948-1994 Game Show Hostess to Hughie Green in what Game Show?

  • Take Your Pick
  • Golden Shot
  • Double Your Money
  • Sale of the Century

Question 10 Photo

Harry H Corbett 1925-1982 long time actor in Steptoe and Son, what Carry On Film did he appear in as an inspector?

  • Carry On Screaming
  • Carry On Cowboy
  • Carry On Nurse
  • Carry On Matron