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Celebrity Awards Quiz.

A collection of interesting awards given to famous Celebrities over the years. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Sir Winston Churchill along with his many awards was given an Honorary Degree by which American University? Clue: Dolphins

  • Miami
  • Seattle
  • Houston
  • Boise

Question 2 Photo

Dwight D Eisenhower was awarded what well known medal?Clue: France

  • Iron Cross
  • Victoria Cross
  • Croix De Guerre
  • George Cross

Question 3 Photo

Benny Gantz IDF Chief of Staff Israel has been awarded American award?Clue: Foreign

  • Commander Legion of Merit
  • Purple Heart
  • Honorary Degree
  • Freedom of New York City

Question 4 Photo

Marshal Zhukov of Russia was awarded what foreign medal?Clue: Loren

  • American Purple Heart
  • British Victoria Cross
  • French Croix De Guerre
  • Italian Garabaldi Medal

Question 5 Photo

Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan was recently awarded what in London for her hard work in allowing education to young ladies in her nation? Clue: Amsterdam

  • Anne Frank Award for Moral Courage
  • Honorary Degree
  • George Cross
  • Freedom of London

Question 6 Photo

Simon Weston has worked over the years for wounded British Service Personnel and doing great work for the Royal British Legion, what award did he get in 1992?

  • C.B.E.
  • O.B.E.
  • K.B.E.
  • M.B.E.

Question 7 Photo

Debbie Harry later on this month in February 2014 will receive what award from the NME Magazine/Newspaper? Clue: Think Fun

  • Godlike Genius Award
  • Best Looking Female Award
  • Best Singer Award
  • Hall of Fame Award

Question 8 Photo

Norman Wisdom is much loved in many countries, he was given the Award Honorary Citizen of Tirana, in which nation is Tirana?

  • Estonia
  • Albania
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania

Question 9 Photo

Ross Kemp to this day does amazing work for Help For Heroes charity, in 1999 what award was he given? Clue: katycool and navahoe

  • Rector, University of Glasgow
  • Rector, University of Edinburgh
  • Rector, University of Durham
  • Rector, University of Manchester

Question 10 Photo

Nelson Mandela among his many awards received what from Canada? Clue: Kane

  • Honorary Degree
  • Honorary Citizenship
  • Freedom of Montreal
  • Freedom of Calgary