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Star Trek Quiz (The Original Series) Vol 1

If like me you're a fan of the original series, then you'll love this quiz. Have a go and see how well you do :o) ENJOY! 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What class Starship was the Enterprise from Star Trek the original series?

  • Galaxy-class
  • Constitution-class
  • Excalibur-class
  • Constellation-class

Question 2 Photo

The woman in this picture played the 1st officer in the Star Trek pilot. Which different role did the same women play in the original Star Trek TV series?

  • Yeoman Janice Rand
  • Dr. Elizabeth Dehner
  • Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas
  • Nurse Christine Chapel

Question 3 Photo

Mr Jefferies designed the Starship Enterprise and most of its interiors. They even named the Jefferies Tubes after him. Can you identify his full name from the list below?

  • Mike Jefferies
  • Nate Jefferies
  • Matt Jefferies
  • Mack Jefferies

Question 4 Photo

Which famous actress from the 80's American TV soap opera Dynasty played Edith Keeler in the Star Trek episode "City On The Edge Of Forever"?

  • Joan Collins
  • Linda Evans
  • Heather Locklear
  • Pamela Sue Martin

Question 5 Photo

Study the picture to the right closely. Can you name the race of this Star Trek Alien?

  • Antedean
  • Antaran
  • Andorian
  • Akritirian

Question 6 Photo

In the Star Trek episode "The Ultimate Computer", what was the name of the computer system designed by Dr. Richard Daystrom?

  • M-1 Multitronic System
  • M-4 Multitronic System
  • M-5 Multitronic System
  • M-25 Multitronic System

Question 7 Photo

In the Star Trek episode "The Trouble With The Tribbles", what was the name of the sabotaged grain shipment aboard space station K-7?

  • Quadrophenia
  • Quadrotriticale
  • Quadroukulele
  • Quadrofrilicale

Question 8 Photo

What was the name of the Star Trek episode where Captain Kirk is made to look like a Romulan?

  • Balance of Terror
  • Patterns of Force
  • The Enterprise Incident
  • A Private Little War

Question 9 Photo

In the Star Trek episode "The Changeling" The Nomad probe mistakenly believes Captain Kirk to be its creator. What was the actual name of Nomad's creator?

  • Jason Soykirk
  • Jenson Joykirk
  • Johnson Rhykirk
  • Jackson Roykirk

Question 10 Photo

In the Star Trek episode "The Doomsday Machine", what was the name of the heavily damaged starship that Captain Kirk used to destroy the planet killer?

  • USS Constellation
  • USS Lexington
  • USS Potemkin
  • USS Excalibur