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"Carry On" were a classic series of films of mayhem and innuendo. How many memories do they conjure for you? 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Which was the very first "Carry On" film?

  • Carry On Sergeant
  • Carry On Constable
  • Carry On Regardless
  • Carry On Jack

Question 2 Photo

In the 1963 film "Carry On Cabby" Sid James plays the workaholic owner of which thriving taxi company?

  • Fleet Fast
  • Cruisers
  • Speedee Taxis
  • GlamCabs

Question 3 Photo

Which was the first "Carry On" film not to have "Carry On" in the title?

  • Don't Lose Your Head
  • Up the Khyber
  • Follow That Camel
  • Up the Jungle

Question 4 Photo

The 1970 film "Carry On Up the Jungle" commences with an Edwardian expedition to the darkest, most barren regions of Africa in search of which legendary bird?

  • Spotted Wingit
  • Umpahloompah
  • Oomagoulis
  • Oozlum

Question 5 Photo

Which "Carry On" film is set in a suburban police station understaffed due to a flu epidemic?

  • Carry On Regardless
  • Carry On Constable
  • Carry On Sergeant
  • Don't Lose Your head

Question 6 Photo

The website 'ICONS: A Portrait Of England' once described which 1960's "Carry On" film as "perhaps the best" of the series?

  • Carry On Regardless
  • Carry On Cruising
  • Carry On Cleo
  • Carry On Screaming!

Question 7 Photo

Which "Carry On" film centres around a Beauty Contest?

  • Carry On Girls
  • Carry On Cruising
  • Carry On England
  • Carry On Behind

Question 8 Photo

Which "Carry On" was filmed in Wales, thus portraying Snowdonia as the North West Frontier?

  • Carry On Up the Jungle
  • Carry On Spying
  • Carry On... Up the Khyber
  • Carry On England

Question 9 Photo

Which "Carry On" regular sadly passed away in 1976, just three days before the start of filming for "Carry On England"?

  • Charles Hawtrey
  • Kenneth Williams
  • Jack Douglas
  • Sid James

Question 10 Photo

Which "Carry On" film became the first box office flop of the series?

  • Carry On Teacher
  • Carry On At Your Convenience
  • Carry On Behind
  • Carry On Jack