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(Another) Big Bang Theory Quiz!

How well do you know the cast and episodes? Good Luck! 10 Questions.

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In "The Big Bang Theory", according to Sheldon, what is the best number?

  • 28
  • 73
  • 69
  • 257


Who do Amy and Howard from "The Big Bang Theory" have an unknown mutual love for?

  • The Beatles
  • Neil Diamond
  • Eminem
  • The Rolling Stones


Why does Sheldon not want to be paired with Penny for the Scavenger Hunt in "The Big Bang Theory"?

  • He would rather go with his girlfriend
  • He would rather go alone
  • He believes she is a liability
  • He thinks she will put him to shame


Who's team does Leonard get sent onto a boat trip with in "The Big Bang Theory"?

  • Stephen Hawkins' research team
  • Sheldon Cooper's research team
  • Leslie Winkle's research team
  • Amy Farrah-Fowler's research team


In "The Big Bang Theory", what does Sheldon tell Penny she should do in order to prevent injuring her self in the bath again?

  • Get a less slippery shampoo
  • Stop dancing
  • Take her socks off
  • Purchase adhesive ducks


What are Leonard and Sheldon doing when they first appear in the pilot episode of "The Big Bang Theory"?

  • Applying for a job
  • Moving apartments
  • Applying to donate semen
  • Eating thai food


In which series of "The Big Bang Theory" does Howard marry Bernadette? (Type in number form, eg, 3)

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What does Sheldon do when he realises that there was a mathematical error in the paper he proposes to Stephen Hawking in "The Big Bang Theory"?

  • Calls his mother
  • Wakes up
  • Cries
  • Faints


What is Bernadette's father called in "The Big Bang Theory"?

  • Dave
  • Wyatt
  • Bernard
  • Troy


What does Rajesh put as his 'Best Quality' when he signs up for a dating website in "The Big Bang Theory"?

  • His parents' money
  • His 'Special Package'
  • His fashion sense
  • His car