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The Ultimate Eleventh Doctor Trivia Quiz

How well do you know the Eleventh Doctor? Take this quiz and have a look. 30 Questions.

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Who plays the Eleventh Doctor?

  • David Tennant
  • Matt Smith
  • Christopher Eccleston
  • None of the Above


What is the name of the Eleventh Doctor's first companion?

  • Amelia Williams
  • Amelia Pond
  • Alexis Williams
  • Alexis Pond


Can you put these episodes featuring the Eleventh Doctor into chronological order starting from the oldest?

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  • The Angels Take Manhattan
  • The Lodger
  • Closing Time
  • The Doctor's Wife


Can you match these actors/actresses to their characters in which have appeared during the Eleventh Doctor's time?

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  • Alex Kingston
  • Arthur Darvill
  • Karen Gillan
  • James Corden


  • Rory Williams
  • Craig Owens
  • River Song
  • Amy Pond


What is the name The Eleventh Doctor insists Alfie Owens prefers? ("Closing Time") (Full name)

Type in the correct answer


Who is Amy Pond married to during her travels with the Eleventh Doctor?

  • Rory Pond
  • The Doctor
  • Rory Williams
  • She never marries


True or False. River Song has used the name Melody Malone during the Eleventh Doctor's time-stream.

  • True
  • False
  • No Idea
  • Yes, but it isn't heard on TV


How many times has Rory died within the Eleventh Doctor's era?

  • 3
  • 0
  • 1
  • 4+


Which famous artist had an interest in Amy when the Eleventh Doctor and Amy visited Venice? (First and Last name)

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Which of these is a common phrase associated with the Eleventh Doctor?

  • "Geronimo!"
  • "Bow ties are cool"
  • "I wear a fez now"
  • All of the above


What was the name of the first full episode in which the Eleventh Doctor appeared?

Type in the correct answer


How many full seasons did Matt Smith appear in as The Eleventh Doctor?

  • 3
  • 2
  • 1
  • 4


What did the Eleventh Doctor not stop happening to Rory in order for Amy to forget who he was?

  • Nothig, it was Amy who had her memory wiped
  • He hadn't met her yet
  • Being absorbed into 'the crack'
  • He died


How is River Song related to The Eleventh Doctor?

  • Sister
  • Mother
  • They're not related
  • Wife


What did the Eleventh Doctor, River Song, Rory, Amy and Canton Delaware find out was the name of the little girl who was trapped in the astronaut suit?

  • Melody
  • We never find out
  • Amelia
  • River


Is it 'True' or 'False' that the Eleventh Doctor is Amy Pond's son-in-law?

  • True
  • False
  • Don't know
  • How?


In which episode did The Eleventh Doctor find out who River Song was?

  • The Impossible Astronaut
  • Let's Kill Hitler
  • The Wedding of River Song
  • A Good Man Goes to War


Who dies in the episode 'Amy's Choice' in which The Eleventh Doctor, Rory and Amy got torn between two dreams?

  • Amy
  • Rory
  • The Doctor
  • All of the above


Who did The Eleventh Doctor reveal the Dream Lord was?

  • The Master
  • Himself
  • A Dalek
  • A Cyberman


Which item of clothing can The Eleventh Doctor not live without?

  • Boots
  • Sunglasses
  • Coat
  • Bow tie


What was the phrase used by The Eleventh Doctor when Vincent Van Gogh said he wanted to have children with Amy?

  • "The Ultimate Ginge"
  • "The Ultimate Artist"
  • "The Ultimate"
  • "The Ultimate Child"


What does Rory tell the Eleventh Doctor his Dad's name is?

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Can you put these quotes in order of when they were spoken throughout the time of The Eleventh Doctor?

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  • "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue"
  • "Raggedy man. Goodbye."
  • "These are my top operatives: the legs, the nose and Mrs Robinson"
  • "Stormageddon. Dark lord of all"


How did the Eleventh Doctor see both Amy and Rory die?

  • They didn't technically 'die'
  • They got transported back in time by a Weeping Angel
  • Amy committed suicide because Rory was 'killed'
  • All of the above


What does the Eleventh Doctor find out are the middle names of both Amy and Rory?

  • Jessica, Brian
  • Melody, Arthur
  • Sharon, Augustus
  • Jessica, Arthur


How old do the Eleventh Doctor and River Song find out Amy was when she died?

  • 90
  • 86
  • 82
  • 84


Which companion made an unexpected visit in "The Time of the Doctor" when the Eleventh Doctor regenerated? (First and last name)

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What is the name of The Eleventh Doctor's second companion?

  • Oswin
  • Lara
  • Oswald
  • Clara


Why is The Eleventh Doctor mesmerised by Clara?

  • She has died twice before
  • She is pretty
  • She doesn't age
  • She is a Time-Lord


Overall, which companion was The Eleventh Doctor closest to? And which companion's death hurt him the most?

  • Rory
  • River
  • Clara
  • Amy