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Heroes Season 1 Trivia

Tv drama about ordinary people with newly discovered special abilties. Try out the quiz to see how much you know about Heroes! 20 Questions.

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In the very first episode we get introduced to many diffrent charachers who have special abilties. Therefore match the correct abiltity to the right person.

Drag items from right column to match with left column


  • Claire
  • Hiro
  • Isaac
  • Peter


  • Future painter
  • Teleportation
  • Healing
  • Absorbing Others Abilities


We see a the mysterious man who follows Mohinder around early in the season?

  • Hatian
  • Nathan
  • Mr Bennet


In the very first episode we see someone dreaming of interesting events. But who?

  • Mohinder
  • Peter
  • Hiro


Matt starts to hear voices in his head of a little girl. Where does he find her?

  • In the bathroom
  • In the Garage
  • In the closet underneath the stairs.


Peter & Mohinder travel by train to New York city to meet the artist. While on their travel, time stands still and everyone is frozen except Peter. Why?

  • Mohinder has a trap for Peter.
  • Peter can stop time & doesnt realise it.
  • Hiro stops time & has a message for Peter.


DL Hawkins & Niki have special abilities. So do their son Micha. However what is his ability?

  • Mind reading
  • Flame thrower.
  • Communicating with machines.


Episode 10 "six months ago" we see heroes before their abilities. We also get introduced to a new hero - Sylar who meets Dr Suresh But what ability does he first collect?

  • Flying.
  • Healing.
  • Mind control of objects.


Its "Homecoming" and the cheerleaders life is at stake. Peter goes to texas to save Claire. But what time does he die?

  • 7:12am
  • 8:12am
  • 8:12pm


After "Homecoming" Peter is in jail. Nathan gets him out. Then Peter collapses on the road. Why?

  • He sees Sylar killing his mother.
  • He sees Nathan shooting their Mother.
  • He sees New York exploding at his hands


Peter is out of his coma, frightened & makes a call to book a flight. He sees someone from his vision when he collapsed. But who?

  • Simone his girlfriend.
  • Claude the invisable man.
  • Hiro & Ando shopping in Japan.


We witness that Nathan is claires father after recieving a call from someone. But who?

  • Claire
  • Mr Bennet.
  • Meredith Claires mother.


In episode 14, "Distractions" Sylar gets out of prison, locks Mr bennet in and heads out to gain another ability. But where?

  • Japan for Hiros one.
  • Las vegas for Nikis one.
  • Texas for Claires one.


Episode 16 "Unexpected" we see Isaac shooting his girlfriend Simone accidently. Why?

  • She had an argument with him.
  • Peter actaully shoots her.
  • Peter is invisable, Isaac shoots anywhere & kills her instead.


Episode 17 "The Company Man" the truth is revealed about Mr Bennet. His house explodes, Claires in trouble and the Haitian shoots him and erases his memory. Why?

  • He told Haitain.
  • Claire told him.
  • Teds idea.


Episode 18 "Parasite" we see Mohinder & Sylar facing off with one another, Mr Bennet in trouble, Nathan meets Mr Linderman and Claire on the run. But whats Peter up to?

  • He sees a horrible vision.
  • He Meets his self in the future.
  • He looks for Mohinder instead he collides with Sylar.


In this crucial episode 19 "0.7%" We see Isaac painting another future image. But what?

  • He sees Peter invisable.
  • He sees a Virus outbreak.
  • He see himself dead.


It is 5 years in the future & Hiro & Ando witness people with abilities are persecuted & imprisoned. However we see a whole new Nathan. Why?

  • He becomes a evil president.
  • He is powerless.
  • He is Sylar.


Matt & Mr Bennet head to New York City to track down the tracking system. To their suprise they see that.....?

  • Mohinder is the exploding man.
  • A little girl is the tracking system.
  • Haitain in painting killing everyone.


Peter collides with someone who causes Peter to absorb his ability. But which one?

  • Matts one.
  • No one.
  • Teds one.


In this huge climax ending to the first volume we see a huge battle. What order do they happen in?

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  • Matt gets his own bullets coming back at him.
  • Mr Bennet gets flown into the wall far away.
  • Peter punches Sylar, then Hiro stabs Sylar.
  • Peter flies off with Nathan & they explode.