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Heroes trivia season 2

Ordinary people discover they have extraordinary abilities. In Heroes Season 2, their journey continues and here is a quiz all about it. 20 Questions.

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In the first episode of season 2, who is left without a shirt and a memory?

  • Claire
  • Mohinder
  • Peter


Who does Mohinder look for in Haiti and deliver him to Mr Bennet.

  • Hiro
  • Peter
  • Hatian


One of the Heroes called Sylar wakes up & sees hes on holiday with a women. However he soons realises it is not real. Why?

  • He was dreaming.
  • Its a illusion.
  • Its a movie set.


Matt needs to locate his father so, he gets help from Molly. What happens next?

  • Mohinder collapses.
  • Matt loses his powers.
  • Molly gets stuck in a nightmare


Who is in search for Peter Petrelli?

  • Mohinder
  • Nathan
  • Elle


West finds out who Claire's father is. But where?

  • In their house.
  • In a carnival.
  • In a supermarket.


After slowly getting used to his powers Peter accidently uses another of his abilities & time travels in the future with Kaitlin. What does he tragically discover?

  • He's in eclispe.
  • A virus is killing 97% of the worlds population.
  • His mother's tombstone


Peter gets sent to a facility which keeps him captured for four months. However he meets another Hero, who?

  • Adam
  • West
  • Monica


How does Peter escape from the facility?

  • Adam helps him.
  • Using invisibility.
  • Using his time travel ability.


Hiro travels back in time to learn who is the one who killed his father on the roof. Who is the individual?

  • Peter
  • Adam
  • Ando


Mohinder tells Bob he wanted to take the company down. Why did he tell Bob this?

  • He doesnt know who's right.
  • He knows Mr Bennet is wrong.
  • He believes Bob is right.


Mohinder drives off with H.R.G only to meet Elle. What happens to Elle when she arrives on the scene?

  • West punches her.
  • West flys and throws her on the car.
  • Mr Bennet points a gun at her.


At the end of episode nine a huge incident takes place which leaves many shocked. What happens at the very end?

  • Mr Bennet regenerates back to life.
  • Claire exposes the company.
  • Mohinder kills himself.


Sylar and Alejendro have a fight over Maya, but theres a knock on the door and its Maya. What happens next?

  • Sylar kills maya.
  • Sylar pretend he got out of the shower.
  • Maya uses her ability to kill Sylar.


Peter & Adam go in search for Victoria. She tells Peter the facilty where the virus is in New Mexico. What does Adam say?

  • "There is no way i going there".
  • "There is no facility in New Mexico"
  • None of the above.


A showdown takes place at the facility which leaves Adam frozen in time with two heroes facing off one another. Which two?

  • Sylar & Hiro
  • Hiro & Peter
  • Matt & Nathan


Who joins the company in the very last episode of Season 2?

  • Peter
  • Angela.
  • Mr Bennet.


Sylar holds Maya, Mohinder & Molly all captive at Issac's loft. But who notices them on the security camera?

  • Claire
  • Elle
  • Bob


The virus is about to be released by Adam with an unknowing Peter. However Adam releases the shanti virus. Who stops the virus from being released?

  • Nathan
  • Hiro
  • None of the above beause it was Peter


At the end of Season 2 we see Niki killed, Nathan shot dead, H.R.G joining he company and Peter destroying the virus. However what happens to Sylar?

  • He is killed by Maya.
  • He goes back to New york.
  • He regains his abilities