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Ultimate Heroes Quiz - season 3

Ordinary people discover they have extrodinary powers. 20 Questions.

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In season 3 of episode one we all find out that it is future peter who shoots nathan but when Matt finds him in the closet with a gun what does Peter do to Matt?

  • Send him to another country
  • Electricute him.
  • Put him in a nightmare.


After gaining his powers back at the end of season 2 sylar goes on a rampage to gain other abilities who is his first victim?

  • Hiro
  • Peter
  • Claire


Present Peter & Future Peter travel in the future. Just as they are talking Claire arrives and shoots Future Peter. What happens next?

  • Present Peter runs off.
  • Present Peter blocks the bullets
  • Future Peter takes the Bullets & regenrates.


In The Future Peter sees a whole diffrent world. However he is in shock to see someone in his house cooking. But who?

  • Hiro making waffles.
  • Sylar making breakfast.
  • Cluade making eggs


Angela sees a horrific glimpse of the future. What does she witness?

  • Peter buried alive.
  • Peter, Niki & Nathan all dead with arthur returning.
  • Hiro & Peter fighting.


Peter Locks down sylar in a cell. He goes to primatech to get revenge for what has happened to his mother. However something terrible takes place. But what?

  • Muary puts him in a nightmare.
  • He sees Future Peter dying.
  • He loses his abilities to his father


Sylar wonders if truly he is the son of the petrellies. So it leads him to gain another ability. Which One.

  • Time Traveling.
  • Lie detector.
  • Flying.


At the end of Volume 3: Villians Sylar gets killed, Hiro, Matt, daphne & Ando destroy the formuale what else happens?

  • Peter kills Mohinder.
  • Nathan kills Peter.
  • Peter injects himself & flys out of the building with Nathan.


At the beginning of Volume 4: fugitives who gets a free pass from captivity from the vicious plan of Nathan?

  • Claire his duaghter.
  • Hiro.
  • Peter his brother.


Sylar begins on a journey to find his real parents. Who accompanies him?

  • Ando
  • A boy called Luke
  • Nathan


Claire gets a message from rebel to protect someone who has abilities from Nathans agents. But what ability does this person poses.

  • Invisibility.
  • Breathing under water.
  • Reading Minds.


As H.RG. gets kicked out of his house by his wife he ends up in a hotel bar dizzy and before he hits the ground who catches him for interrogation?

  • Peter.
  • Matt & Peter.
  • Matt, Peter & Mohinder.


After receiving a tip from rebel, Matt & Peter head to Building 26, Sylar experiences Memories of th past & Claire gets help by an unlikely source. Guess which episode this is called?

  • Cold wars
  • Exposed.
  • 1 Hour


Matt has a huge problem on his hands and if all goes wrong he and everyone else could die. However who helps him out of this?

  • The Hunter
  • Nathan
  • Mr bennet.


Rebel has been sending messages to most heros trying to help them. But who is Rebel?

  • Micha
  • Doyle
  • Tracey


Volume 4 of fugitives episode 21 leaves Angela and her son Peter running for their lives. When they get to the church who notices them but does not capture them?

  • H.R.G
  • The Agents.
  • The Hunter.


Someone has been playing huge mind games with Mr bennet and cuases Mr bennet to listen to his wife to say "i want a divore". Who is this individual"?

  • Arthur
  • Sylar
  • Hunter


Volume 4 episode 10 called 1986 angela remembers and uncovers huge secrets of the past involving her sister. What ability does her sister have?

  • Supercharger.
  • depending on the mood she can control the weather.
  • Healing


Sylars new abilities take a toll on him. What is his new ability?

  • Reading Minds.
  • Fyling.
  • Shapeshifting.


Peter & Nathan go face to face battling Sylar. Eventaully Nathan dies & Sylar is stopped by Peter with a syringe just in time. However what happens next?

  • Matt paints a future that has huge reprecussions.
  • Peter absorbs too much & explodes.
  • Matt erases Sylars mind & makes him into Nathan.