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Heroes trivia

Tv hit drama series about ordinary people with superpowered abilities. 10 Questions.

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In season 1 of heroes who was the individual who threw Peter Petrelli from the top of the building on to the roof of the taxi cab?

  • Sylar
  • cluade(invsable man)
  • Mr Bennet


Who is the person that gains repect and gets Mr Bennet to reveal his first name?

  • Peter
  • Matt
  • Hiro


Who in episode 16 of series 1 shot Simone Duveuax accidently?

  • Isaac
  • Peter
  • Sylar


The scene which involves Mohinder & Sylar coming face to face with each other at gun point is the episode called.....?

  • Unexpected
  • Time out
  • Parasite


Mr linderman wants nathan to win the election but he requires a help of a hero. But who?

  • Peter
  • Claire
  • Micha


Episode 23 the last one of season 1 save the world save the cheerleader is all about to take place but who in the midst of this is not present?

  • Ando
  • Matt
  • Mohinder


In season 2 claire cuts her little toe off and quickly regenerates. But who witneses this.

  • West
  • Elle
  • Adam


Mohinder and H.R.G plan to take the company down but it all goes wrong and leads to the paintings of one of isaacs to come true, but what?

  • Showing peter killing Mohinder
  • Showing H.R.G dead.
  • Showing another explosion.


At the ed of season 2 many good and terrible tings take place. Choose the true facts?

  • Niki dies, claire gets another ability & mohinder kills peter.
  • Niki dies, peter destroys the virus, natahn gets shot, H.R.G joins te company & sylar gets his abilities back.
  • eclipse takes place & matt has a baby.


In early season 3 a shock return comes to huant each & every hero. It also leads to one of them to lose their abilities by this person but who is this?

  • Sylar
  • Peter
  • Arthur