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50 Years Of Dr Who Aliens, Robots And Hiding Behind The Sofa Quiz

He has been on our screens for 50 years but can you identify these aliens, robots and monsters. 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

These appeared once and had a pitched battle with the Daleks in the era of the first Dr Who but what are they?

  • Mechonoid
  • Movellan
  • Cyberpod
  • Kaled

Question 2 Photo

Their war with the Daleks had been a stalemate for ages, we met them in the company of the 4th Doctor but who are they?

  • Mechonoids
  • Movellans
  • Thals
  • Kaleds

Question 3 Photo

What is this facing the 3rd Doctor Who?

  • A Vogan
  • An Alpha Centauran
  • The Beast of Peladon
  • A Yeti

Question 4 Photo

Now who or what is recklessly sneaking up on the 3rd Doctor Who here?

  • A Draconian
  • A Silurian
  • An Ice Warrior
  • A Sea Devil

Question 5 Photo

This alien appeared in two Doctor Who stories but what is it?

  • A Sea Devil
  • Alpha Centauri
  • A Silurian
  • A Draconian

Question 6 Photo

What is this imposing Dr.Who figure?

  • A Silurian
  • A Sontaran
  • A Draconian
  • An Ogron

Question 7 Photo

It isn't John T, so who or what is wearing a white suit while dealing with the 4th Doctor Who?

  • Songsten the leader of the Yeti.
  • Selris leader of the Gonds
  • Sutekh the last Osirian
  • Scaroth last of the Jagaroth

Question 8 Photo

The 4th Doctor Who (left) faces who in this picture?

  • Scaroth last of the Jagaroth
  • A Dravhin from Galaxy 4
  • Sutekh the last Osirian
  • A Voord