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Girls, Girls Girls Quiz

A 10 question quiz on song titles featuring the world "Girl", what would we do without them? (answers on a postcard to Triviala) 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Who, to wax lyrical was "Tall and tan and young and lovely. And when she passes, each one she passes goes - ah"?

  • The Girl From Ipanema
  • The Girl You Want
  • The It Girl
  • The Girl With The Pear Earring

Question 2 Photo

"Big Girls Don't Cry" was a big hit in 1962 released by which combo bearing a seasonal moniker (name, for all you non smokers out there?)

  • The Summers Brothers
  • The Four Seasons
  • Edgar Winters Band
  • Buffalo Springfield

Question 3 Photo

Released in 1986 and taken from the album "The Queen Is Dead" what according to The Smiths were "Some Girls?"

  • Just Like Your Mother
  • A Pain In The Wallet
  • Bigger Than Others
  • Too Hot To Handle

Question 4 Photo

Simon and Garfunkel had a big hit in 1957/1958 with a rather melodious tune called "Hey Schoolgirl". Under which name did they release the song?

  • Vic and Bob
  • Fred and Barney
  • Tom and Jerry
  • Frodo and Bilbo

Question 5 Photo

Which band reached "# 2" in the UK charts with the ditty "Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)" in 1981?

  • Heaven 17
  • Level 42
  • Fun Boy Three
  • Haircut 100

Question 6 Photo

Which very much under estimated English musician had a hit in 1980 with "It's Different For Girls?"

  • Mini Milk
  • Joe Jackson
  • Edwin Collins
  • Gary Clarke

Question 7 Photo

"Strange Little Girl " (1982 ) was the last single released by which band while signed to Liberty Records (a branch of EMI?)

  • The Dodgy Photies
  • Stiff Little Fingers
  • The Stranglers
  • The Ruts

Question 8 Photo

With which day of the week would you associate Debs (to her friends) band Blondies' "Girl" with?

  • Sunday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Thursday

Question 9 Photo

Which band released the "luvvie type" song "West End Girls (the east end boys and west end girls)" in 1986?

  • Yazoo
  • Pet Shop Boys
  • Visage
  • Duran Duran

Question 10 Photo

According to the 1959 Paul Evans and the Curls smash hit pop-pickers, who were the "Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat" "with?

  • Mark
  • Gene
  • Ralph
  • Fred