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More Games To Guess Quiz

Just as the title says. Again where relevant British names are used and some games may be less well known than others. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

I've just set this card game up to start. I play it on my own and the cards are in piles in a circle with four cards in the middle. What game am I about to play?

  • Patience
  • Clock Patience
  • Circle Patience
  • Spider Solataire

Question 2 Photo

I'm trying to carefully remove a bone from the person in this picture when I get buzzed. What game am I playing now?

  • Surgery
  • Beat the Buzzer
  • Operation
  • Surgery Buzz

Question 3 Photo

My character in this game is 'Miss Scarlet', mum is 'Mrs Peacock'. I think I know 'whodunit' but the weapon wasn't the candlestick. What game are we playing

  • Whodunit
  • Murder Mystery
  • Guess the Murder
  • Cluedo

Question 4 Photo

I have seven letter tiles and am struggling to find a word. Even if I use the 'double word' square that is free I can't get a high score. What game am I probably about to loose?

  • Make A Word
  • Scrammble
  • Scrabble
  • Upwords

Question 5 Photo

There is a line of tiles on the table, each one has dots on it to represent numbers. It is my brother's turn and he puts down a 'six four' on the end of the line. Which game are we playing?

  • Number Line
  • Dominoes
  • Matchline
  • Number Cruncher

Question 6 Photo

I role a dice and move my piece, yes! I get to climb up more squares to the top of the board. What game could I win next move?

  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Climb The Board
  • Ladders and Snakes
  • Upladder Downsnake

Question 7 Photo

My friend is'red' and I'm 'yellow' we take turns dropping counters trough slots on top of a grid made of holes. What game are we playing?

  • Four in a Row
  • Line of Four
  • Connect Four
  • Four Line

Question 8 Photo

This card game is just for grown ups! Each player also has a pile of 'chips' of different value. What game am I playing with my friends?

  • Rummy
  • Cheat
  • Poker
  • Chase the Ace

Question 9 Photo

I've just rolled five dice and hope to score a 'full house' or 'three of a kind'. What is the name of this game?

  • Five Dice
  • Yhatzee
  • High Dice
  • Boggle

Question 10 Photo

Each player's piece in this game is a little plastic car and as we take our turns we do things like 'get married' 'change our job' or 'go to university'. What is this game I am playing called?

  • The Life Game
  • 'Reallife'
  • Game of Life
  • I made this one up