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Fictitious Bands Quiz (carnage,lol)

This quiz is either gonna bomb or, well we'll wait and see. Identify the songs, match them to the fictitious band who may have sung them. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Which fictitious band may have debated that it was not possible for an "Albatross" to "Ride a White Swan?"

  • Procul Minds
  • Fleetwood Rex
  • Simply Purple
  • Deep Sabbath

Question 2 Photo

Which two bands had a "Fantastic Day" whilst drinking "Red Red Wine" in "Kingston Town?"

  • Fun Boy 182
  • Steely Maiden
  • Black Leppard
  • Haircut 40

Question 3 Photo

A coven of witches containing which musicians could have given "The Witches Promise" to a young lady by the name of "Claire?"

  • Black Eyed Ants
  • Gary Sayer
  • Jethro O`Sullivan
  • Uriah Jackson

Question 4 Photo

After their first date, and hoping for a second. "Rikki Don't Lose That Number" was the plea made by "Arnold Layne" to the young lady. Which combination of bands could this be?

  • Steely Floyd
  • Wishbone Jovi
  • Black Purple
  • King Presley

Question 5 Photo

To impress my mother, "Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter" were the first words uttered upon entering "Our House" could have been sung by which mixed up bands?

  • The Dave Clarke Ballet
  • Gerry and the Dreamers
  • Hermans Madness
  • Brian Poole and the Spiders from Mars

Question 6 Photo

A union of which two artists who were both "Born in the U.S.A." at aged "19" could have decided to join the marines?

  • Bruce Hardcastle
  • Bob Ferry
  • Lonnie Diamond
  • Elton Sayer

Question 7 Photo

After drinking all that was left of the "Whiskey in the Jar" he blamed it on his wife, stating "She Drives Me Crazy." Who did?

  • Fun Boy 100
  • Thin Young Cannibals
  • Heaven DC
  • Def Ash

Question 8 Photo

An amalgamation of whom may have used "Mouldy Old Dough" to make some "Tutti-frutti " in one of their recipes?

  • Lieutenant Richard
  • Mamas and Tennille
  • Captain Humperdinck
  • Dusty Bowie

Question 9 Photo

Which fictitious band could have sat down to a "Vindaloo" curry and rather disgustingly mixed some "Peaches" through it?

  • Fat Stranglers
  • Simply Duran
  • Boomtown Pistols
  • Roxy Division

Question 10 Photo

Having previously gotten "Lost in France" this pairing on visiting the USA had to ask a passing stranger "Do You Know the Way to San Jose". Who do you think this could be?

  • Bonnie Franklin
  • Cilla Ross
  • Janet Shaw
  • Sandie Quatro