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JFK (50 years on)Quiz

A look back at the assassination of the president. How much do you remember. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Before becoming the 35th president of the United States in 1961 JFK was the junior senator from which state?

  • Illinois
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Virginia

Question 2 Photo

On what date was JFK assassinated?

  • November 22, 1963
  • November 29, 1963
  • November 25, 1963
  • November 27, 1963

Question 3 Photo

What was the name of the street the Kennedy motorcade was travelling when the assassination took place?

  • Oak Street
  • Birch Street
  • Elm Street
  • Chestnut Avenue

Question 4 Photo

What was the name of the man who caught the assassination on a home-movie camera whilst waiting to catch a glimpse of the president?

  • Alfred Reitlinger
  • Abraham Zapruder
  • Lance Fredrics
  • Oscar Kingsley

Question 5 Photo

What type of gun did Lee Harvey Oswald use to assassinate the President?

  • 6.5 mm caliber Carcano rifle
  • M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle
  • Mosin-Nagant Model 1891/30
  • Barrett XM109

Question 6 Photo

What was the name of the hospital that the president was rushed to, sadly to no avail?

  • Dallas Medical Center
  • Fort Worth General
  • Mount Sinai Memorial Hospital
  • Parkland Hospital

Question 7 Photo

The president was not the only one to die that day, who else did Oswald kill after fleeing the scene?

  • Secret Service agent Fagain
  • Governor Connolly
  • Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippet
  • Chauffeur, Alex Reynolds

Question 8 Photo

What type of car was JFK seated in as they drove down Elm Street?

  • Lincoln Continental limousine
  • Black Cadillac sedan
  • Chevrolet Caprice Corniche
  • Buick LeSabre sedan

Question 9 Photo

What building was Lee Harvey Oswald lying in wait for as the presidential motorcade approached?

  • Dallas Bookbinding Company
  • Texas School Book Depository Building
  • Fort Worth Medical Supplies Building
  • Dallas Dental Supply Company

Question 10 Photo

What was the name of the nightclub operator who having gained entrance to Dallas Police jail shot Oswald whilst he was being transferred?

  • Frank Lawson
  • Jake Garnett
  • Gerry Landers
  • Jack Ruby