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The Beta Band

fun Quiz about The Beta Band 12 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What was going to be The Beta Band's original name?

  • The Crows
  • The Pigeons
  • The Hawks
  • The Eagle Owls

Question 2 Photo

Founding Beta Band members Steve Mason and Gordon Anderson were soon Joined by John MacLean, Robin Jones and Who else on Bass?

  • Rich Greentree
  • James Johnston
  • Steve Duffield
  • Dominic Aitchison

Question 3 Photo

Shortly after the recording of The Beta Band's debut EP - The Champion Versions, Steve Duffield left the band to be replaced by...........

  • James Johnston
  • Alan Gorrie
  • Fin Wilson
  • Rich Greentree

Question 4 Photo

Which other member of The Beta Band quit, shortly after they signed to Regal?

  • Robin Jones
  • Gordon Anderson
  • John MacLean
  • Steve Mason

Question 5 Photo

The Champion Versions was released by The Beta Band in 1997. Who though played the trumpet on the classic "Dry The Rain"?

  • Jon Levien
  • Georgia Schlink
  • Paul Gaspar
  • Jake Painter

Question 6 Photo

Two more Beta Band EP's followed in 1998. The epic "Patty Patty Sound" and which other?

  • Vrienden van de Beta Bandieten
  • Amis des Beta Bandits
  • Os Amigos dos Beta Bandidos
  • Los Amigos del Beta Banditos

Question 7 Photo

The Beta Band's debut album, simply titled "The Beta Band" used many samples. Which song on this album utilised a line from the Bonnie Tyler song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" ?

  • It's Not Too Beautiful
  • Number 15
  • The Cow's Wrong
  • The Hard One

Question 8 Photo

In January 2000 The Beta Band released a double A side single. "To You Alone" was one of the tracks, what was the other track?

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Question 9 Photo

2001 The Beta Band planned to release "Squares" as a single but I Monster released "Daydream in Blue" which used a track "Squares" had as a sample.Which track did they release instead?

  • Broke
  • Alleged
  • Gone
  • Quiet

Question 10 Photo

In 2004 The Beta Band released their final album "Heroes to Zeros". Which track was built around a Siouxsie and The Banshees song?

  • Out-Side
  • Space
  • Space Beatle
  • Liquid Bird

Question 11 Photo

What date did The Beta Band officially announce their split on their Website?

  • August 1st 2004
  • August 5th 2004
  • August 4th 2004
  • August 2nd 2004

Question 12 Photo

In November 2004 The Beta Band embarked on a Farewell Tour. At which venue was The Beta Bands final gig?

  • Glasgow Academy
  • Cardiff Uni-solus
  • Edinburgh Liquid Room
  • Shepherds Bush Empire