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The Good Life Examined

How much do you know about the 70s trendiest suburban couple? Test your knowledge on the self sufficiency gurus. 15 Questions.

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What prompted Tom's personal crisis which led him to the idea of becoming self sufficient?

  • The death of his Father.
  • His 40th Birthday.
  • Being made redundant.
  • A near death experience.


In the episode, "The Thing in the Cellar", what was the "thing"?

  • A pig.
  • Barbara's Mother.
  • An electricity generator.
  • A workman doing repears.


In the episode "Just My Bill", Tom tries to sell his produce round the the local streets. What is the name of the local trader who takes great exception to Tom's competition?

  • Mr Carter.
  • Harry Bennett.
  • Mr Blustrode.
  • Ronnie Boxall.


What does Tom and Barbara's next door neighbour Jerry often refer to them as?

  • Peasants.
  • Plebs.
  • Serfs.
  • Paupers.


In the episode "Mutiny", what is the production staged by Margo's amateur dramatics society?

  • Sweet Charity.
  • My Fair Lady.
  • The Sound of Music.
  • Marry Poppins.


In the episode "Mutiny", what is the consequence of Margot performing in "The Sound of Music"?

  • Margot loses her voice.
  • Jerry loses his job.
  • Tom loses his temper.
  • Barbara loses her wedding ring.


Who created the BBC sitcom, The Good Life?

  • Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
  • Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais.
  • Jimmy Perry and David Croft.
  • John Esmonde and Bob Larbey.


In the episode, "Our Speaker Today", which young actor plays an amorous youth offender?

  • Nicholas Lyndhurst.
  • Richard Beckinsale.
  • Ray Winstone.
  • Robert Lindsay.


In the episode, "Who's Fleas are These?", the actor who plays the pest control expert Mr Bulstrode also appeared in On the Buses. Which character did he play in On the Buses?

  • Jack.
  • Arthur.
  • Blakey.
  • Stan.


At the end of the second episode, what do Tom and Barbara serve for dinner in their back garden?

  • A Cabbage.
  • A Carrot.
  • A Mars Bar.
  • A Fried Egg.


What phrase is Margot often heard saying to Jerry when she is annoyed at him?

  • That just about takes the biscuit Jerry.
  • I've had you up to here Jerry.
  • Well thank you very much Jerry.
  • You've ruined my day Jerry.


In the episode, "Just My Bill" who does Margot claim to be whilst paying her rates to Mr Squires?

  • The people who pay your wages.
  • The repressed masses.
  • The helpless voters.
  • The silent majority.


Which British comedian in another classic British sitcom claimed that Tom and Barbara Good were "nothing more than a couple of reactionary stereotypes...and I hate them"

  • Adrian Edmondson.
  • Rik Mayall.
  • Alexei Sayle.
  • Nigel Planer.


Which member of the cast of The Good Life did Adrian Edmondson later appear with in the comedy, If You See God, Tell Him?

  • Richard Briers.
  • Felicity Kendal.
  • Paul Eddington.
  • Penelope Keith.


In the episode, The Anniversary, what bad luck falls on The Goods?

  • They are flooded.
  • They are burgled.
  • All their animals die.
  • Their house goes on fire.