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British Sit Coms - Yes Prime Minister Quiz

A quiz based on the political satire of Yes Prime Minister. 10 Questions.

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"Yes Prime Minister" begins with "Hacker's" great idea for unemployment, what is it called?

  • The Great Design
  • The Grand Design
  • The Big Idea
  • The Grand Idea


"Yes Prime Minister" sees Hacker accompanied by a new adviser, what is her name?

  • Agnes Moorhouse
  • Annie Hacker
  • Dorothy Wainwright
  • Claire Sutton


In "Yes Prime Minister's" 'The Key', who is denied access to Number 10?

  • Bernard Wooley
  • The PM's Mother in Law
  • Humphrey Appleby
  • Jim Hacker


"Yes Prime Minister" sees Hacker appointing a Bishop to which See?

  • Bath and Wells
  • Bury St Edmunds
  • Canterbury
  • York


In "Yes Prime Minister's" 'The Education Service', Hacker plans to do what with the DES?

  • Sell It
  • Privatise It
  • Abolish It
  • Move It


"Yes Prime Minister's" 'A Real Partnership' sees Humphrey trying to sneak what past Hacker?

  • A nude protest
  • A pay claim
  • A death list
  • A closure plan


In 'A Diplomatic Incident', "Yes Prime Minister's" team are presented with an opportunity to negotiate what by the death of Hacker's predecessor?

  • A State Funeral
  • His Grand Design
  • An American Agreement
  • The Channel Tunnel


In "Yes Prime Minister's" 'The Tangled Web', Hacker is unwittingly guilty of what?

  • Covering up for Humphrey
  • Mis-leading the Press
  • Lying to the House
  • Upsetting the Queen


"Yes Prime Minister's" 'Power To The People' sees Hacker encounter Cllr Agnes Moorhouse Leader from which council?

  • Wandsworth
  • Westminster
  • Hounslow
  • Houndsworth


An easy one to end. One actual former PM performed a sketch with our heroes, who was it?

  • Ted Heath
  • John Major
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Tony Blair