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British Sit Coms - Yes Minister

A quiz based on the wonderful Yes Minister series. 10 Questions.

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Let's start easy - Who played the Minister in "Yes Minister"?

  • Nigel Hawthorne
  • Jim Hacker
  • Paul Eddington
  • Derek Fowlds


What department did Jim Hacker run in "Yes Minister"?

  • Home Office
  • Administrative Affairs
  • Cabinet Office
  • Education and Science


On appointment to his department in "Yes Minister" Jim Hacker is accompanied by Frank Weisel his political adviser who played Frank Weisel?

  • Neil Fitzwiliam
  • John Nettleton
  • Robert Urquhart
  • John Savident


We meet Hacker's predecessor in "Yes Minister's" Big Brother, who was he?

  • Sir Arnold Robinson
  • Vic Gould
  • Tom Sargent
  • Sir Humphrey Appleby


In "Yes Minister" a visit to Qumran takes place in which episode?

  • The Moral Dimension
  • Jobs for the Boys
  • The Official Visit
  • The Whisky Priest


In "Yes Minister's" Compassionate Society, Hacker encounters a union activist, who is it?

  • Agnes Moorhouse
  • Humphrey Appleby
  • Billy Fraser
  • Arthur Scargill


In "Yes Minister's" The Death List which press publication does Hacker find out he was under surveillance from?

  • Private Eye
  • Hansard
  • The Guardian
  • The Times


"Yes Ministers" Skeleton in the cupboard shows an official with something to hide, who is it?

  • Bernard Wooley
  • The Prime Minister
  • Jim Hacker
  • Humphrey Appleby


In The Quality of Life "Yes Minister's" Jim Hacker finds himself caught between who?

  • Nurses and Unions
  • Piglets and Tax Inspectors
  • Humphrey and Dorothy
  • Bernard and Annie


The final episode of "Yes Minister" sees Hacker elevated to higher office having increased his profile on the back of what?

  • The British Sausage
  • Fish and Chips
  • A press campaign
  • Getting Drunk