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British Sit-Coms - Fawlty Towers Quiz

A quiz about the legendary Fawlty Towers 10 Questions.

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A simple start, who played the wonderful Basil Fawlty in "Fawlty Towers"?

  • Andrew Sachs
  • John Cleese
  • Ballard Berkeley
  • John Fawlty


In the first "Fawlty Towers" - A touch of Class - what classic British car make do the "snobs" as Basil calls them drive off in?

  • Ford
  • Vauxhall
  • Austin
  • Rover


"Fawlty Towers" would not be complete without Spanish waiter Manuel, but when translated for Spain Manuel was?

  • Spanish
  • English
  • French
  • Italian


The Major is another key character in "Fawlty Towers", who played him?

  • Bernard Cribbins
  • Clive Dunn
  • Ballard Berkeley
  • Brian Hall


Basil often has troubles with his guests at "Fawlty Towers", but one deaf old lady causes more than most, what was her name?

  • Mrs Richard
  • Mrs Rickards
  • Mrs Richards
  • Mrs Rowlands


Basil and Cybil go away and leave Polly in charge of "Fawlty Towers" whilst building work is completed, what is the name of the Irish builder who messes the job up?

  • Stubbs
  • O'Rouke
  • O'Reilly
  • O'Connor


"Fawlty Towers" have a gourmet night, what is the name of the Chef, who takes a liking to Manuel?

  • Andre
  • Kurt
  • Terry
  • Gordon


A psychiatrist visits "Fawlty Towers" as a guest. What assessment does he eventually make of Basil? There's enough material there........

  • For an entire conference.
  • For dress a gypsy wedding.
  • For assessment.
  • For a marquee.


Manuel causes problems when Basil discovers his pet rat living in "Fawlty Towers". Manuel thinks it's a pedigree hamster from where?

  • Serbia
  • Siberia
  • Sweden
  • Scotland


And finally two of the characters in "Fawlty Towers" where man and wife in real life, who where they?

  • Basil and Cybil
  • Manuel and Polly
  • Polly and Basil
  • Miss Gatsby and The Major