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British Sit Coms

A simple quiz based on the good old British Sit-com 10 Questions.

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A simple start, Which sitcom is best associated with the name "Maplins"

  • Porridge
  • Dad's Army
  • Hi-de-hi
  • Yes Minister


In the sitcom "Fawlty Towers", who is connected with spoons.

  • Mr Hutchinson
  • Mr Fawlty
  • The Major
  • Manuel


A sitcom based in Walmington on Sea would be connected with which character?

  • Rt Rev G Carey
  • Rev G Grainger
  • Rev T Farthing
  • Fthr T Crilley


Who was the political adviser to "Jim Hacker" as "Minister of Administrative Affairs" in this fine sitcom?

  • Dorothy Wainwright
  • Sir Humhprey Appleby
  • Frank Weisel
  • Bernard Wooley


In the film spin off from the sitcom "Are You Being Served", Mr Humphries retrieved a set of joke teeth from a shop dummy and exclaimed ......

  • That's never happened before!
  • They're still moving!
  • I've never done that before!
  • It's the first time one bit me!


"Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps", is a sitcom set in Runcorn. It often finds its characters in a local pub, which one?

  • The Archers
  • The Kings Arms
  • The Kings Head
  • The Runcorn Arms


"Drop the Dead Donkey" is a sitcom set in Globe Link News. Who owns Globe Link?

  • Gus Hedges
  • Henry Davenport
  • Roysten Merchant
  • George Dent


The Cafe Rene a key place in this sitcom is frequently visited by a visitor who says things only once, what is her full name?

  • Michelle Dubois
  • Yvette Carte-Blanche
  • Fanny LaFan
  • Helga Geerhart


In the sitcom "Birds of a Feather" what is the surname of Sharon and Tracey's Jewish neighbour?

  • Theodopolopodous
  • Stubbs
  • Green
  • Bechstein


And finally "Only Fools and Horses" is a sitcom that centres around the lives of the Trotter family, however one member of the family's parentage doubts this, who is it?

  • Del Boy
  • Uncle Albert
  • Grandad
  • Rodney