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A Quiz about York, England

Questions about the historic City of York 10 Questions.

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What type of ghosts are said to have been seen in the cellars of The Treasurer's House, a National Trust property in the centre of York?

  • Vikings
  • Roman soldiers
  • Clergymen


Which of the city's museums is the largest of its kind in the world?

  • The Castle Museum
  • The Yorkshire Museum
  • The National Railway Museum


The children's TV programme Blue Peter ran a competition to design replacements for what, following the 1984 fire in York Minster?

  • Bosses or circular carvings in the ceiling
  • Gargoyles
  • Wooden pews


York Castle Museum contains a cell once occupied by which notorious criminal?

  • Dr Crippen
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Dick Turpin


Can you name York's most successful rock band?

  • Shed Seven
  • Elliott Minor
  • Huge


York's most famous medieval street, The Shambles, was used by which tradesmen in medieval times?

  • Dyers
  • Butchers
  • Brick makers


What is the most prestigious race meeting held in York called?

  • The Ebor meeting
  • The Viking meeting
  • The August meeting


Why do the pupils at St Peter's School in York not participate in the traditional English custom of burning a guy on November 5th?

  • Because Guy Fawkes attended the school
  • Because their school rules forbid bonfires
  • Because it is a Quaker school


When can you make the 2 3/4 mile (including gaps) circuit of the old York city walls?

  • 24 hours a day
  • From dawn to dusk
  • never


Where can you take an imaginary trip back in time to see how the Vikings lived?

  • Barley Hall
  • The Dig
  • The Jorvik Viking Centre