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1989 Lyrics Quiz

Can you tell which 1989 songs are mentioned in this quiz, just by looking at one or two lines from a particular song? 10 Questions.

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Which song are these lyrics from?...'All the things that we've been through, you should understand me like I understand you'.

  • Toy Soldiers
  • Kiss The Rain
  • If You Don't Know Me By Now
  • Money's Too Tight To Mention

Question 2 Photo

'Which song are these lyrics from?...'I can't stop the way I feel... things you do, don't seem real'

  • Born To Be Wild
  • Wild Thing
  • She Drives Me Crazy
  • Word Up

Question 3 Photo

Which song is this? 'Who's that gigolo on the street, with his hands in his pockets and his crocodile feet'

  • White Lines
  • Phenomenon
  • Buffalo Stance
  • Pass The Dutchie

Question 4 Photo

Which Rock song are these lyrics from? 'I must be losing my mind, are you blind? I've seen it all a million times'

  • Paradise City
  • Legs
  • Dude Looks Like A Lady
  • TNT

Question 5 Photo

Which song were these lyrics from? 'Step by step, heart to heart'

  • Right Here Waiting
  • Manic Monday
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Gold

Question 6 Photo

Which song is this? 'They tell me that love is blind. I really need a girl like an open book to read between the lines'

  • My Perogative
  • Cry
  • Love In An Elevator
  • True Colours

Question 7 Photo

Who were 'Sowing the seeds of love'?

  • Wham!
  • Duran Duran
  • Level 42
  • Tears For Fears

Question 8 Photo

Who had a hit with these lyrics? 'Now tell me is it gonna be you 'n' me forever?'

  • Cher
  • Paula Abdul
  • Madonna
  • Tiffany

Question 9 Photo

Which song are these lyrics from? 'Close your eyes, lend me your hand honey, can you feel my heart beating'?

  • Sign Your Name
  • Paradise City
  • Family Tree
  • Eternal Flame

Question 10 Photo

Which band had a hit with these lyrics? 'One, two, three, four walking like a man, Hitting like a hammer, She's a juvenile scam, Never was a quitter, Tasty like a raindrop...'

  • U2
  • UB40
  • Roxette
  • Aerosmith