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Today's News 09/09/2013 Quiz

From Lloyds Bank to HS2 , better check what you know! 8 Questions.

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On 9th September 2013 , which bank changed its name to TSB to improve competition?

  • Lloyds TSB
  • Halifax
  • Barclays
  • NatWest

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The Bradshaws , were fed up with multi international companies for paying no corporation tax , what did they decide to do?

  • Block a main street with a tractor
  • Buy only British things and goods for a year
  • Send a letter to the Queen
  • Leave the country and moved to Portugal

Question 3 Photo

It is estimated that the HS2 , high speed railway will cost how much?

  • 20 Billion
  • 30 Billion
  • 40 Billion
  • 50 Billion

Question 4 Photo

Russia urges Syria to do what with their dangerous weapons , as the United States Of America plan to intervene there?

  • Give to international control
  • Destroy them
  • Attack the rebel army
  • Give them to the manufacturers

Question 5 Photo

Tesco is controversial to many , but over the years people start to choose this supermarket , but where has been the place of the first shop in 1929 in England?

  • Birmingham
  • London
  • Norwich
  • Doncaster

Question 6 Photo

On the 9th September in 2013 , North Korea had seen a very large parade to celebrate what anniversary of the country?

  • 65th
  • 70th
  • 75th
  • 80th

Question 7 Photo

The Virgin Spaceship Galactic's SpaceShipTwo , has passed another technical milestone and in a year's time the passengers will be doing what?

  • Consuming food on the spaceship
  • Flying in zero gravity
  • Flying to the Moon
  • Being able to buy a machine

Question 8 Photo

Korean War Anniversary still shows effects of armistice with what in place?

  • Buffer Zone
  • No Flight Zone Area
  • No Trade Agreement On
  • Gigantic Wall