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The Islands From The Sky Quiz

From Majorca to Bali , Wolin to Gotland better check what you know and remember how these islands look like! 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What is this island , it belongs to Spain and has thousands of tourists coming in everyday?

  • Mallorca
  • Ibiza
  • Fuerteventura
  • Tenerife

Question 2 Photo

What island archipelago is this , it is part of the Kingdom Of Denmark , it is known for sheep and mountains too?

  • Orkney Islands
  • Faroe Islands
  • Falkland Islands
  • Shetland Islands

Question 3 Photo

What island is this , it also belongs to the Kingdom Of Denmark , its name was chosen to make the place appealing for settlers to come?

  • Cuba
  • Puerto Rico
  • Ibiza
  • Greenland

Question 4 Photo

What island is this , it is similar to the shape of a high heel and is visited by thousands of tourists yearly , the island has no airport , but the neighbouring island has one?

  • Formentera
  • Madeira
  • Zakynthos
  • Gotland

Question 5 Photo

What island is this , it belongs to Sweden and has been settled for thousands of years , it is located in the middle part of the Baltic Sea too?

  • Bornholm
  • Kolguev
  • Gotland
  • Oland

Question 6 Photo

What sunny island is this , visited by millions from around the World and Europe , known for cuisine , traditional dancing and reservoirs?

  • Crete
  • Rhodes
  • Kefalonia
  • Zakynthos

Question 7 Photo

What holiday island is this , it has two countries on it , one in the North and one in the South , in between them is a buffer zone , the island is in Europe too?

  • Ibiza
  • Cyprus
  • Malta
  • Formentera

Question 8 Photo

What island is this , it is in the Baltic Sea and is not far away from another island called Uznam or Usedom?

  • Wolin
  • Oland
  • Bornholm
  • Gotland