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Say What You See Quiz 09

Can you rationalise the illustration with the clue to reveal the common phrase or saying? 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

In pursuit of your dreams, what should you do?

  • Hold your heart in your hands
  • Follow your heart
  • Pour your heart out
  • Get to the heart of it

Question 2 Photo

What keeps most families together?

  • Family fortunes
  • Family matters
  • Family values
  • Family ties

Question 3 Photo

Which famous cry of camaraderie is this?

  • All for one, and one for all
  • Those that pray together stay together
  • For King and country
  • Together we stand, divided we fall

Question 4 Photo

What term is illustrated here?

  • Economy drive
  • Taking a back seat
  • Back seat driver
  • The open road

Question 5 Photo

What can kids get for doing chores around the house?

  • Cash in hand
  • Chump change
  • Fool's gold
  • Pocket money

Question 6 Photo

How might you live without pocket money?

  • Scrape by
  • Hand to mouth
  • On the 'never never'
  • Sing for your supper

Question 7 Photo

What might someone say if they were coming straight back?

  • Back in a jiffy
  • Two shakes of a lamb's tail
  • Back in a flash
  • Like a shot

Question 8 Photo

Which phrase might suggest a difference between the start and finish of a match?

  • A game of two halves
  • Came out in the wash
  • Double entendre
  • All over bar the shouting

Question 9 Photo

What's this risk of a wrong answer?

  • A punch up the bracket
  • Get it in the neck
  • A good slap
  • Stick your neck out

Question 10 Photo

What will you be if you got these all right?

  • A glint in my eye
  • The eye of my heart
  • One in the eye for the others
  • The apple of my eye