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Central Europe Capital City Quiz

From Poland to Greece there is lots to learn so I'll see you there , better check what you know! 8 Questions.

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What is the capital of Poland , a few hundred years ago the capital was in the city of Krakow , known for it's history and Wawel Castle?

  • Warsaw
  • Bratislava
  • Budapest
  • Vilnius

Question 2 Photo

What is the capital city of Germany , known for the Brandenburg Gate and a Wall which separated the city in half?

  • Vienna
  • Berlin
  • Paris
  • Copenhagen

Question 3 Photo

What is the capital of Czech Republic , a country to the South of Poland and has a very romantic capital with lots of bridges crossing the river?

  • Chisinau
  • Zagreb
  • Bratislava
  • Prague

Question 4 Photo

What is the capital city of Slovenia , the city is full of heritage such as the Cathedral and ''Triple Bridge''?

  • Ljubljana
  • Berlin
  • Oslo
  • Kiev

Question 5 Photo

What is the capital city of Hungary , once two big cities and later joined together to make the country's capital?

  • Bucharest
  • Budapest
  • Bern
  • Riga

Question 6 Photo

What is the capital city of Liechtenstein , a small country in the middle of the border between Austria and Switzerland , the capital city is the hub for many important historical and finance centres?

  • Vaduz
  • Amsterdam
  • Monaco
  • Podgorica

Question 7 Photo

What is the capital city of Switzerland , the country does not officially fully have a capital city but uses this city as a place for the parliament?

  • Warsaw
  • Bern
  • Stockholm
  • Vienna

Question 8 Photo

What is the capital city of Austria , the place is famous for St Stephen's Cathedral and a Giant Wheel?

  • Vienna
  • Zagreb
  • Riga
  • Tallinn