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A Motley Collection of Pirates! Quiz

Here are ten infamous Pirates of legend whose lives were so interesting and colourful. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Edward Teach (Blackbeard) 1680-1718 he met his fate after the Governor of which American State sent ships out to track him down?

  • Florida
  • North Carolina
  • Georgia
  • New York

Question 2 Photo

Sir Henry Morgan 1635-1688, once Admiral of the English Fleet and Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica, was knighted in which year?

  • 1666
  • 1669
  • 1672
  • 1674

Question 3 Photo

William "Captain" Kidd, 1645-1701 was captured after his infamous career and tried. What happened to his body?

  • Preserved in Rum
  • Dissected for Medical Research
  • Gibbeted over the River Thames
  • Mummified

Question 4 Photo

"Calico" Jack Rackham 1682-1720, during his career he found time to marry a fellow pirate. What was her name?

  • Mary Read
  • Anne Bonny
  • Grace O Malley
  • Angela Merkel

Question 5 Photo

Bartholomew Roberts 1682-1722, after his career it was considered the end of the golden age of pirating. What was his nickname?

  • Wrecker Roberts
  • Bold Bart
  • Black Bart
  • Raging Roberts

Question 6 Photo

Anne Bonny 1702-1782, close friend of Mary Read, was lucky enough to end her days in comfort in South Carolina. Where was she born?

  • Dublin Ireland
  • Kinsale Ireland
  • Waterford Ireland
  • Limerick Ireland

Question 7 Photo

Mary Read (not known-1721) close friend of Anne Bonny, Mary was not so lucky in life, after capture what happened to her?

  • She died in prison
  • She was hung
  • She was shot while trying to escape
  • She was forcibly drowned

Question 8 Photo

Grace O'Malley 1530-1603, born in Ireland once met Elizabeth I. What name did her people call her?

  • Sea Queen of Cork
  • Sea Queen of Connaught
  • Sea Queen of Dublin
  • Sea Queen of Waterford

Question 9 Photo

Nathanial Butler 1579-1639 after his notorious career he became Governor of which Caribbean Island?

  • Jamaica
  • Barbados
  • Bermuda
  • Cuba

Question 10 Photo

Henry Avery 1659 - after 1696, was held in very high esteem by fellow pirates so much so they called him what name?

  • The Boss
  • Number One
  • The King of Pirates
  • My Lord