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The Wanted

Let see how much you know these cheeky boys! 10 Questions.

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Can you order these lyrics to "Glad you Came"?

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  • Now I'll take you by the hand
  • I can make, make you glad you came
  • Hand you another drink
  • You cast a spell on me


What is the title of this song? "The last words I would say. Is there ain't anyone else. Can take this pain away."

  • Dagger
  • The Weekend
  • Personal Soldier
  • Last To Know


Who sings this? "I’m a lover not a hater, Not a fighter or a player And I’ll party to the sun comes up Getting a hangover without a cure We could end up anywhere But that’s all part of the rush"

  • Jay
  • Nathan
  • Tom
  • Max


Can you match these lyrics with the title?

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  • I’m a lover not a hater
  • Stay wont beg you to stay.
  • Left, Left, Left right left
  • She wants me to come over


  • Drunk on love
  • I Found You
  • Dagger
  • Personal Soldier


What is the next line in this song? "So when you gonna let me when you gonna let me out, out?"

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What song is this?

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  • Glad You Came
  • Chasing The Sun
  • Lose My Mind
  • Lie To Me


Can you match the song with the lyric?

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  • In your heart in your heart
  • I'd erase my thoughts
  • You know i never want to hurt you
  • Your in control pressing pause on your heart beat


  • Lightning
  • Lose My Mind
  • Heart Vacancy
  • Replace Your Heart


What are the next lyrics? "How many times do I fly through your head space"

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Who sings this? "I'm better so much better now look to the skies give me life were together now"

  • Tom
  • Max
  • Nathan
  • Siva


Who sings the majority of the song "High and Low"?

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