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The Ten Curious Facts About Shakespeare Quiz

From his family to personal thoughts better check what you know! 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

A 15th century clay pipe was found near the garden of Shakespeare , in it there were traces of ''what'' , marijuana and myristic acid inside?

  • Cocaine
  • Chocolate
  • Money
  • Hamster

Question 2 Photo

Shakespeare's ''Macbeth'' could be the origin of ''what'' jokes , he had also used ''Your Momma'' jokes , as seen in ''Timon Of Athens And Titus Andronicus''?

  • Political
  • Knock Knock
  • Mr Fox
  • Why The Chicken Crossed The Road

Question 3 Photo

Shakespeare invented and coined hundreds of ''what'' and phrases , they include ''swagger'' , ''fashionable'' and ''in a pickle'' too?

  • Book
  • People
  • Clothes
  • Words

Question 4 Photo

Shakespeare currently has 946 writing credits for television and films on IMDB , this would make him the most prolific ''what'' ever?

  • Screenwriter
  • Actor
  • Cast
  • Cameraman

Question 5 Photo

In 1890 , one hundred starlings were introduced into the Americas , that way - every bird featured in his plays could be found in the two continents , there are now over 200 million in ''what''?

  • Brazil
  • United States Of America
  • Mexico
  • Canada

Question 6 Photo

The comedic tale of young love , ''Much Ado About Nothing'' , has a hidden meaning , but which word in the title would be a ''sex organ'' from the slang of Shakespeare's times?

  • Nothing
  • Ado
  • Much
  • About

Question 7 Photo

Shakespeare's plays have been translated into around ''what'' languages , even a Klingon ''Hamlet'' has been produced and performed too?

  • Twenty
  • Eighty
  • One hundred and twenty
  • Two hundred and eighty eight

Question 8 Photo

Some believe Shakespeare did not write his own work , they believe others such as Christopher Marlowe and Edward De Vere , actually were the ones to ''what''?

  • Write
  • Perform
  • Cousin
  • Parent

Question 9 Photo

It is unknown how Shakespeare died , but what we do know , he was ''what'' with that he wrote a curse on anyone who plunders his grave , his remains have not yet been disturbed?

  • Had Asthma
  • Heavy Drinker
  • No Appetite
  • He Was A Heavy Smoker

Question 10 Photo

Shakespeare plays could often be violent , killing off lead characters , all of the add up to over ''what''?

  • Over Forty
  • Over Two Hundred
  • Over Four Hundred
  • Over Eight Hundred