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Say What You See Quiz 05

Can you rationalise the illustration with the clue to reveal the common phrase or saying? 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What phrase do we have here then, or were you expecting a quiz?

  • Purple Emperors
  • Broken promises
  • More pies
  • Scattered primroses

Question 2 Photo

What can you create with falsehoods?

  • Death trap
  • A Line of retreat
  • Creature comforts
  • A web of lies

Question 3 Photo

What do you need when you're feeling blue?

  • Comfort food
  • A soft touch
  • Food for thought
  • Southern comfort

Question 4 Photo

What goes with age?

  • Head for the hills
  • Fool on the hill
  • Over the hill
  • Hill Street Blues

Question 5 Photo

What made you change your mind?

  • Being in the spotlight
  • It was just one of those things
  • Neither one thing nor the other
  • Seeing things in a different light

Question 6 Photo

What gives you the wrong impression?

  • That ship has sailed
  • Sailing under false colours
  • Sailing close to the wind
  • A coloured imagination

Question 7 Photo

Which 'get rich quick' scheme is this?

  • Hand it over
  • Business at hand
  • Hand in the till
  • Cash in hand

Question 8 Photo

What can you draw from this?

  • Thumbnail sketch
  • Top to toe
  • Under the thumb
  • One toe over the line

Question 9 Photo

What or who do we have here?

  • Animal quackers
  • Buffalo Bill
  • Silly Billy
  • Wild Bill Hickock

Question 10 Photo

What should you do in case you lose it?

  • Have a heavy lunch
  • Do lunch
  • Have lunch out
  • Keep your lunch down