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A Look At Judaism Quiz

The history of this Religion goes back thousands of years , a foundation to many Religions and has changed little better check what you know! 12 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

The history of the Jews goes back about 4,000 years , which makes Judaism the oldest Religion based on ''what''?

  • One God
  • Walls
  • Egyptians
  • Books

Question 2 Photo

Nearly half of the World's 15 million Jews live in which country , while others are in Israel and scattered all around the World today?

  • Poland
  • United States Of America
  • Russia
  • China

Question 3 Photo

What country has been made for Jews?

  • Poland
  • Egypt
  • Lebanon
  • Israel

Question 4 Photo

Jews trace their history back to a group of people called the ''what'' , who lived in what is now the Middle East?

  • Hebrews
  • Abrahams
  • Goliaths
  • Pauls

Question 5 Photo

The Hebrews were nomadic people , this means they were doing ''what'' thing?

  • Believing in only one thing
  • Moving from place to place regularly
  • Having no personal belongings
  • Being very strict together

Question 6 Photo

One Hebrew ''what'' is seen as the father of the Jewish people , he championed the main belief of Judaism , the idea of one God , at the time when others chose to worship many different Gods?

  • Abraham
  • Dan
  • Levi
  • Joseph

Question 7 Photo

In about 1250 BC , the Israelites were freed from Egypt , where they were slaves which is known as the Exodus , but who were the Israelites?

  • Egypt's Kings
  • Abraham's Descendants
  • Jesus' Brothers
  • The Moses

Question 8 Photo

In the Middle Ages after the Diaspora , Jews suffered more persecution by Christian rulers , one cause of their hatred was that Jews do not recognise ''what'' as the Messiah?

  • Jesus
  • Simon
  • Paul
  • Peter

Question 9 Photo

When England , Spain and France expelled Jews they fled to ''what'' where they were treated as anybody else , this country had the largest amount of Jews before World War II started by Germany on it?

  • Poland
  • Turkey
  • Albania
  • Portugal

Question 10 Photo

Prejudice against Jews , called anti Semitism continued into the twentieth century and is still found in the World today , in Germany when Adolf Hitler ruled Jews had to wear ''what''?

  • Yellow Start Of David
  • Prophet Isaiah
  • Frogs
  • Tefillin

Question 11 Photo

When not in use the Torah scrolls are often covered with an embroidered cloth called ''what''?

  • Ark
  • Mantle
  • Light
  • Rabbi

Question 12 Photo

Every time Orthodox Jews pass through a door with a ''what'' such as this one , on the door post , they will kiss their fingers and touch this?

  • Mezuzah
  • Kosher
  • Shofar
  • Talmud