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A Look At Hinduism Quiz

This is one of the World's longest living Religions it still flourishes and develops better check what you know! 12 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Hinduism is one of the World's oldest living Religions , dating back to atleast 2000 BC , Hinduism developed and still flourishes , mainly in ''what'' and Nepal?

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Thailand
  • Mongolia

Question 2 Photo

Hindus do not call their Religion Hinduism , but refer to it simply as ''sanatana dharma'' which means ''what''?

  • Forever Cows
  • Eternal Teachings
  • Flying Flowers
  • Intelligence Throughout

Question 3 Photo

What river in India is said to have holy water , Hindus put flower petals which have been an offering to Gods?

  • Gumti River
  • Kangsha River
  • River Ganges
  • Dakatua River

Question 4 Photo

How many Hindus are in the World today?

  • 750 Million
  • 1 Billion
  • 2 Billion
  • 8 Billion

Question 5 Photo

Hinduism has its roots in an ancient civilization known as the ''what'' valley?

  • Mohenjo
  • Hindus
  • Ganges
  • Indus

Question 6 Photo

Hinduism was not founded by an individual person , and it developed slowly , over a long period of time , when the ''what'' came to the Indus Valley the Religion developed once again?

  • Aryans
  • Arabs
  • Jews
  • Japanese

Question 7 Photo

Hindus believe in Brahman but what is this?

  • The Land Of Cows
  • To an unchanging ultimate reality
  • The joy of freedom of everyday life
  • The way people think about each other and act on

Question 8 Photo

This sacred symbol and sound ''Aum'' and ''Om'' , there are different explanations to this meaning but all leads to what word?

  • Brahman
  • Buddha
  • Indus
  • Hindus

Question 9 Photo

Hinduism has thousands of Gods and Goddesses , each of them has a special ''what'' , Hindus usually worship the Gods and Goddesses of their choice but all of them link by Brahman?

  • Temple
  • Characteristic
  • Fruit
  • Book

Question 10 Photo

How many heads has Brahma got?

  • Four
  • Eight
  • Twelve
  • Eighteen

Question 11 Photo

Ganesha has big ears to hear everybody's prayers and his pot belly shows ''what'' about him?

  • Friends
  • Wealth
  • Learning
  • Books

Question 12 Photo

After a Hindu person has died his body is no longer needed and may be cremated , in India a body can be put of a pile of logs and been made to ashes , after the ashes are put in what?

  • River
  • Cemetery
  • Mountain
  • Book