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Gold run: Blockbusters style quiz

Based on the gold run from the game show "Blockbusters". 20 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What ''QR'' is a code of generally accepted rules in the sport of boxing?

  • Queensway rules
  • Queensland rules
  • Queensbury rules
  • Queens rules

Question 2 Photo

What "B.P" founded the scout movement in 1907?

  • Burden Pilkingtin
  • Bowden Pendebury
  • Baron Pridmore
  • Baden Powell

Question 3 Photo

What "V.T" was the first woman in space?

  • Virginia Toropov
  • Valentina Tereshkova
  • Valerie Turov
  • VeronaTkachyov

Question 4 Photo

What "L.P.W" is a sleuth created by Dorothy L. Sayers?

  • Lord Perry Wisewell
  • Lord Peter Wimsey
  • Lord Phillip Wolsey
  • Lord Paul Whitmore

Question 5 Photo

What "CS" is a strait between the North and South Islands of New Zealand that connects the Tasman sea on the northwest with the South pacific ocean on the southeast?

  • Crook strait
  • Cuke strait
  • Cawk strait
  • Cook strait

Question 6 Photo

What "BB" has a distinctive pig-like snout and is the smallest mammal in the world?

  • Bush bat
  • Bumblebee bat
  • Belgian bat
  • Brazilian bat

Question 7 Photo

What "Q.S.T.G" was the title given to Susan Pevensie in "The Lion the Witch and the wardrobe"?

  • Queen Susan the gentle
  • Queen Susan the great
  • Queen Susan the good
  • Queen Susan the giver

Question 8 Photo

What "T.S.F.M" were David Bowie's backing group in the 70s?

  • The scorpions from mars
  • The spiders from mercury
  • The spiders from mars
  • The scorpions from mercury

Question 9 Photo

What "S.T.M" would a person be aiming to do in a game of hearts?

  • Steal the money
  • Shoot the moon
  • Stop the master
  • Start the magic

Question 10 Photo

What "M.D" collided with Zola Budd in the 3000 meters run at the 1984 Summer Olympics?

  • Mary Dawson
  • Mary Dickson
  • Mary Decker
  • Mary Dexter

Question 11 Photo

What "M.S.G.T.W" is a 1939 movie starring James Stewart?

  • Mr Samual goes to Wisconsin
  • Mr Smith goes to Washington
  • Mr Smythe goes to Wyoming
  • Mr Sanderson goes to Washington

Question 12 Photo

What "D.S" voices the evil monkey in "Family guy"?

  • Donald Saunders
  • Danny Smith
  • David Summer
  • Duncan Shelton

Question 13 Photo

What "P.D.T" is french for potato?

  • Pomme de tare
  • Pomme de terre
  • Pomme da tete
  • Pomme da teur

Question 14 Photo

What "N.K.C" is the birth name of the American actor, producer and director Nicolas Cage?

  • Nicolas Kim Coppola
  • Nicholas Kelvin Coppola
  • Nicolas Kevin Coppola
  • Nicholas Karl Coppola

Question 15 Photo

What "T.T.O.A.A.E" was one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world 1st destroyed by Herostratus in an act of arson?

  • The temple of Artemis at Eresos
  • The temple of Artemis at Eleusis
  • The temple of Artemis at Ephesus
  • The Temple of Artemis at Edessa

Question 16 Photo

What "B.R" was 11 years old when they became the first winner of "America's got talent" in 2006?

  • Benjamin Reed
  • Becky Richards
  • Bradley Reynolds
  • Bianca Ryan

Question 17 Photo

What "F.H" painted the laughing cavalier and the merry drinker?

  • Frans Hals
  • Fidel Hils
  • Fabian Hols
  • Franc Hels

Question 18 Photo

What "M.A" is the least expensive property in the American version of "Monopoly"?

  • Missouri Avenue
  • Mississippi Avenue
  • Mediterranean Avenue
  • Minnesota Avenue

Question 19 Photo

What "R.T" has played the roles of John Boy Walton, Bill Denbrough and Richard Farley?

  • Richard Taylor
  • Richard Tate
  • Richard Thomas
  • Richard Telford

Question 20 Photo

What "M.I.A.S" also known as hammer,anvil and stirrup are bones in your middle ear?

  • Micella,ixias and sacral
  • Maxilla,incas and sphenoid
  • Maculae,ictic and sloids
  • Malleus,incus and stapes