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"Iss A Puppet!" Quiz

Puppets as TV presenters, and Presenter’s side-kicks. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

On who's voice did puppeteer Ivan Owen base the voice of Basil Brush?

  • Leslie Phillips
  • Terry Thomas
  • Lance Percival
  • Donald Sinden

Question 2 Photo

Who's partner in the BBC 'Broom Cupboard' was Philip Schofield?

  • Hammy The Hamster
  • Gerry The Gerbil
  • Malcolm The Mole
  • Gordon The Gopher


Which computer generated character (1993 -1994), featured in the first series of 'Live and Kicking', but never really had the same appeal as a puppet?

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  • Ratz
  • Fitz
  • Catz
  • Razz

Question 4 Photo

Which 'Broom Cupboard' side-kick started with Andi Crane and continued with Andi Peters?

  • Orville The Duck
  • Dec The Duck
  • Edd The Duck
  • Fred The Duck

Question 5 Photo

Which puppet was regularly beaten with a club on the Brian Conley show by continuity presenter 'Nick Frisbee'?

  • Larry The Loafer
  • Moppy The Moper
  • Goffy The Goopher
  • Woppy The Wombat

Question 6 Photo

Who was the station mascot for Westward Television?

  • Bugs Bunny
  • Gus Honeybun
  • Harry hare
  • Robby The Rabbit

Question 7 Photo

Which TV presenter first appeared on TV-am, along with his younger brother 'Little Reggie' and his girlfriend 'Glenis the Guinea Pig'?

  • Hartly Hare
  • Zippy
  • Roland Rat
  • Spit The Dog

Question 8 Photo

Which 'Broom Cupboard' puppet has worked with Michael Underwood, Ana Boulter, Angelica Bell, Adrian Dickson and Liam Dolan?

  • Fat bat
  • Emlyn The Gremlyn
  • Fingermouse
  • Mikey

Question 9 Photo

The spotting of which puppet in various TV programmes has been a running item on Harry Hill's "TV Burp"?

  • Flat Eric
  • Wally The Woolly Man
  • Lamb Chop
  • The Knitted Character

Question 10 Photo

Kirsten O'Brien and Richard McCourt both shared the BBC 'Broom Cupboard' with which puppet?

  • Otis The Aardvark
  • Bubbles
  • Hartly Hare
  • Puddles