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A Mixed Bag Of Movie Trivia!! 10 Questions.

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In the Inspiring True life story about 2 athletes who competed fiercely for the 1924 Olympics,"Chariots of Fire", what sport featured in the film?

  • Boxing
  • Swimming
  • Athletics


Which legendary Hollywood director, who, along with his rival John Fordwas famous for his epic westerns including Red River and Eldorado?

  • John Huston
  • Howard Hawks
  • Sam Peckinpah


Name the heartthrob actor who played a drunken ex-rodeo riding star who fell for Jane Fonda in "The Electric Horseman".

  • Paul Newman
  • Robert Redford
  • Gene Hackman


The 1934 horror "The Black Cat" brought together two Hollywood greats, Bella and Boris. What are the surnames of these actors?

  • Lugosi and Karloff
  • Cushing and Lee
  • Pleasance and Price


Who supplied much of the music for the 1956 "High Society" Starring Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly?

  • John Williams
  • Cole Porter
  • Quincy Jones


Who starred opposite Jessica Lange in the passionate 1981 remake of the old forties film "The Postman always Rings Twice"?

  • Anthony Hopkins
  • Jack Nicholson
  • George C.Scott


What Clint Eastwood screen role was originally offered to John Wayne, Frank Sinatra and Paul Newman?

  • Dirty Harry
  • Frankie Dunn
  • Walt Kowalski


What movie sees Tom Hanks utter: "All my life I've been waiting for someone, and when I find her she's a fish"?

  • Plunge
  • Splatter
  • Splash


Who played Sid Vicious, Lee Harvey Oswald, Count Dracula and Beethoven in movies?

  • Kevin Spacey
  • Gary Oldman
  • Gabriel Byrne


What is the interesting connection between these movies: Raging Bull,The Elephant Man, and the Irish film The General?

  • All made in the same year 1978
  • All filmed in Black and White
  • All made by the same producer and director