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The Ten Disturbing Conspiracy Theories Quiz

From crime to clothes there are many things we might know about check what you know! 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Area 51 : the US Base where crashed alien spacecraft are supposedly studied by scientists , the details of Area 51 are ''what'' to protect US National Security?

  • Classified
  • Eaten
  • Told
  • Destroyed

Question 2 Photo

Pearl Harbour : theorists argue that President ''what'' knew about the impending attack on Pearl Harbour , he let the attack happen so USA would be drawn into World War Two?

  • Kennedy
  • Roosevelt
  • Obama
  • Dixon

Question 3 Photo

Fluoridation : fluoride is added to drinking water to reduce tooth decay , some think the chemical also reduces ''what'' ability , producing a complaint population?

  • Crying
  • Eating
  • Physical
  • Mental

Question 4 Photo

Pan Am Flight 103 : this airplane was destroyed by a bomb , killing 270 people , some accuse the CIA to responsively and attempting to cover up a protected ''what''?

  • Drug Route
  • Murder
  • Coffee Recipe
  • Files

Question 5 Photo

Peak Oil : the oil industry know about huge reserves of untapped oil , to maintain the illusion of scarcity and to keep the ''what'' , these reserves maintain a secret?

  • Customers
  • Prices High
  • Area
  • Myth

Question 6 Photo

The Pentagon , CIA and AIDS : conspiracists argue that AIDS was created by the US Military as a biological weapon , it was supposedly used to reduce the number of ''what''?

  • Citizens
  • Animals
  • Wages
  • Cars

Question 7 Photo

Tsunami Bomb : conspiracists think the 2004 ''what'' Tsunami was caused by a nuclear detonation , similar technology was tested in World War II?

  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Indian Ocean
  • Arctic Ocean
  • Pacific Ocean

Question 8 Photo

Theory Of Electronic Conspiracy : a secret group aiming to replace physical currency with electronic banking , a Worldwide blackout will lead to chaos and will lead to the return of ''what''?

  • Slavery
  • War
  • Nazism
  • Lenin

Question 9 Photo

9/11 Cover Up : conspiracists believe that the US government let the attacks happen so they would not go to war with what region , others believe that the Towers where felled by explosives?

  • South East Asia
  • Middle East
  • Korean Peninsula
  • South America

Question 10 Photo

The Illuminati and World Domination : a secretive group aiming to create a New World and a global government , allegedly use political ''what'' , mind control and war to achieve their aims?

  • Finance
  • Powers
  • Cakes
  • Books