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Antarctica Quiz

This is an interesting quiz about Antarctica. So feel Chilled!! 9 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Antarctica is the best place in the world to find which of these?

  • Meteores
  • Meteorites
  • Glaciers
  • Tsunami

Question 2 Photo

The largest land animal in Antarctica is an insect, a wingless midge known as what?

  • Belgica antarctica
  • Seal antarctica
  • Honey antarctica
  • Ant antarctica

Question 3 Photo

Antarctica is the only continent with no indigenous species of which of these?

  • Animals
  • Birds
  • Ants
  • Reptiles

Question 4 Photo

Antarctica has a peculiar group of fish. These have no hemoglobin. What is that peculiar fish?

  • Ice fish
  • Glacier fish
  • Snow fish
  • Cold fish

Question 5 Photo

The largest invertebrate that makes its home permanently in Antarctica is a wingless midge. It is so tiny that it can only be seen well under a microscope. Can you name it?

  • Belig antarctica
  • Hole antarctica
  • Bell antarctica
  • Beligica antarctica

Question 6 Photo

During the feeding season, a fully grown blue whale eats about 4 million of which of these per day?

  • Krill
  • Seal
  • Penguin
  • Shark

Question 7 Photo

In Antarctica which of these have a natural anti-freeze chemical that allows them to survive in sub-zero temperatures?

  • Penguin
  • Fish
  • Whale
  • Seal

Question 8 Photo

Because it experiences such little rain, Antarctica is considered as what?

  • Desert
  • Snowy region
  • Cold region
  • Dry place

Question 9 Photo

Who became the first child born in Antarctica?

  • Smile Palma
  • Emile Marco Palma
  • Marco Smile
  • Palma Smile Emile