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Old Eastenders characters Quiz

From the picture clues can you guess the names of the former "Eastenders" characters? 15 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

I first appeared in "Eastenders" in 1996, I had a sister called Tiffany and embarked on a gay relationship with Tony Hills which caused a lot of controversy, who am I?

  • Marcus Raymond
  • Gary Raymond
  • Simon Raymond
  • John Raymond

Question 2 Photo

Played by Nicola Stapleton, my major story lines revolved around homelessness and recreational drug taking. I was in a relationship with Aidan Brosnan. I made a brief comeback in 2011 who am I?

  • Mandy Salter
  • Melissa Salter
  • Melanie Salter
  • Mary Salter

Question 3 Photo

I was the soaps first male pin up, I had an affair with Cindy and we ended up with a son called Steven, who am I?

  • Stevie Wicks
  • Mark Wicks
  • David Wicks
  • Simon Wicks

Question 4 Photo

I was a flirtatious older man in the soap, I often flirted with Ethel Skinner and Dot cotton. Who am I?

  • Jomar Tavernier
  • Jahmal Tavernier
  • Jacques Tavernier
  • Jules Tavernier

Question 5 Photo

"Eastenders" received praise for my portrayal of a schizophrenic character, who am I?

  • Jason Wicks
  • Joe Wicks
  • Justin Wicks
  • Jeff Wicks

Question 6 Photo

I arrived in the square with my family in 1998, whilst living in Albert square I fell in love with my maths tutor and made a move on him. Who am I?

  • Teresa di Marco
  • Rose di Marco
  • Nicky di Marco
  • Sally di Marco

Question 7 Photo

I made my final appearance in the show after taking revenge on Steven Owen who framed me for the murder of Saskia Duncan, who am I?

  • Malcolm Rose
  • Martin Rose
  • Mark Rose
  • Matthew Rose

Question 8 Photo

I was married to Den until he served me divorce papers on Christmas day. I died due to complications through my alcoholism. Who am I?

  • Angie Watts
  • Anita Watts
  • Annie Watts
  • Anna Watts

Question 9 Photo

I was sent to prison for perverting the course of justice by framing Sean Slater for the attack on Patrick, who am I?

  • Claire Fox
  • Celeste Fox
  • Carla Fox
  • Chelsea Fox

Question 10 Photo

Arriving in Albert square in 1995, I was later caught shoplifting and was made to turn to religion to avoid being turned in to the police, who am I?

  • Sally Hills
  • Sharon Hills
  • Sarah Hills
  • Samatha Hills

Question 11 Photo

The first episode of "Eastenders" was centered around my death, it was later revealed that I was attacked by Nick Cotton, who am I?

  • Rob Cox
  • Ray Cox
  • Roy Cox
  • Reg Cox

Question 12 Photo

I returned home early from my vacation to find my husband Sanjay and my sister Meena naked and asleep in my bed, who am I?

  • Gina Kapoor
  • Gita Kapoor
  • Gamia Kapoor
  • Geeta Kapoor

Question 13 Photo

I was introduced as little mo's abusive husband, I was later killed in a house fire along with the firefighter who tried to save me, who am I?

  • Tarquin Morgan
  • Thomas Morgan
  • Trevor Morgan
  • Tommy Morgan

Question 14 Photo

First appearing in the soap in 1998, I was in a relationship with Sonia Jackson, but I died on Christmas day 2002 after being run over by Martin Fowler, who am I?

  • Jackson Mitchell
  • Jamie Mitchell
  • Joey Mitchell
  • Joshua Mitchell

Question 15 Photo

After arguing with Janine whilst at the edge of a steep hill, I was pushed causing me to stumble and fall, Janine left me to die and inherited my business and wealth, who am I?

  • Barry Evans
  • Ben Evans
  • Barty Evans
  • Billy Evans