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The Ten Suppressed Inventions Quiz

From discounted cars to strange buildings , whatever this is , it is something you want to know about , then better check what you know! 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

EV 1 : the first mass production ''what'' car , supposedly discounted due to oil company pressure , General Motors destroyed the models and deactivated the rest?

  • Electric
  • Petrol
  • Diesel
  • Water

Question 2 Photo

XA Project : these were safe cigarettes which had most carcinogens removed , Big Tobacco did not like the implication and their product was ''what'' and XA was abandoned?

  • Cheap
  • Unsafe
  • Costly
  • Free

Question 3 Photo

Cold Fusion : this is a stable form of nuclear ''what'' , produced at room temperatures , it was later dismissed as junk science and funding for more tests is now hard to obtain?

  • Bombs
  • Food
  • Light
  • Energy

Question 4 Photo

Chronovisor : a visor which allegedly allows the user to see ''what'' , it was deemed fake by most and is said to be now in the Vatican?

  • Back and Forth In Time
  • X Ray
  • Test Answers
  • News

Question 5 Photo

The Rife Beam : it was a possible ''what'' curing ray which was developed by its inventor Royal Rife , he claimed the American Medical Organisation deliberately discredited his device?

  • Syphilis
  • Cancer
  • Meningitis
  • Tetanus

Question 6 Photo

Water Fuel ''what'' : Stan Meyer's water fuelled buggy was declared fraudulent , the suspicions surrounding his death have led to some claim his technology was suppressed?

  • Cell
  • Car
  • Cat
  • Cross

Question 7 Photo

Cloudbuster : Dr Wilhelm Reich's ''what'' making device was successfully tested in 1953 , he was later arrested and all his work was destroyed?

  • Snow
  • Rainwater
  • Lightning
  • Wind

Question 8 Photo

Implosion Generators : it was a free ''what'' source based on implosion and water vortices , the inventor Viktor Schauberger's creation was buried by his US business partners?

  • Energy
  • Food
  • Water
  • Light

Question 9 Photo

Wardenclyffe Tower : the funding for Nikola Tesla's ''what'' electricity was withdrawn , this is because investors feared this would lead to free energy and no profits?

  • Free
  • Wireless
  • Powerless
  • Water

Question 10 Photo

Anti Gravity Device : Thomas Townsend Brown developed discs that used electrogravitic propulsion , the effects were so impressive they were ''what''?

  • Classified
  • Deleted
  • Forgotten
  • Eaten