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General knowledge Trivia Quiz 55

General Knowledge Mixer to Test You 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

In mathematics, given any circle, which of the following is the longest?

  • Its radius
  • Its diameter
  • Its circumference
  • All of these are of the same length

Question 2 Photo

Which character from Spanish literature had an issue with a windmill?

  • Don Juan
  • El Cid
  • Othello
  • Don Quixote

Question 3 Photo

Henry the VIII had six wives. How many of them were named Anne?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

Question 4 Photo

The first "talking picture" in Britain was called "Blackmail". Which famous director co-wrote and directed it?

  • Alfred Hitchcock
  • Cecil B. DeMille
  • John Ford
  • William Wyler

Question 5 Photo

Niagara Falls is actually made up of two major falls. One is referred to as the American Falls. Can you name the other falls which shares its name with a piece of sporting equipment?

  • Wicket Falls
  • Horseshoe Falls
  • Racket Falls
  • Kailasakona Falls

Question 6 Photo

The Vindaloo Song was recorded for the 1998 FIFA World Cup and sung by the England fans. Who or what is Vindaloo?

  • A former footballer
  • The name of the winners cup
  • A type of curry
  • An English city

Question 7 Photo

Which member of "The Who" rock band died in 1978?

  • Brian Jones
  • Randy Rhoades
  • Ronnie Van Zant
  • Keith Moon

Question 8 Photo

What was the name of Canada's last aircraft carrier?

  • HMAS Sydney
  • HMCS Bonaventure
  • RFS Admiral Gorshkov
  • USS Enterprise