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Sports Cheats

A quiz dedicated to 3 famous sports cheats, Diego Maradona, Fred Lorz and Boris Onischenko. 15 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Who were Argentina playing against when Maradona scored with his hand in the World Cup?

  • Germany
  • England
  • Italy
  • France

Question 2 Photo

How did this goal come to be known?

  • Maradona's Hand
  • God's Hand
  • The Hand of Maradona
  • The Hand of God

Question 3 Photo

In which year was Maradona's famous 'goal' against England scored?

  • 1978
  • 1982
  • 1986
  • 1990

Question 4 Photo

In which country were Argentina playing England in the quarter-finals of the 1986 FIFA World Cup?

  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • Italy
  • U.S.A.

Question 5 Photo

In what order did these events occur during the quarter-final match against England?

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  • The English players protest
  • The TV cameras show that Maradona scored the goal with his hand
  • Maradona scores the 'Hand of God' goal
  • The referee allows the goal

Question 6 Photo

In what race was Fred Lorz running when he cheated in the 1904 Olympic games?

  • The 1500 meters
  • The Marathon
  • The Half-Marathon
  • The 800 meters

Question 7 Photo

In which city did Fred Lorz 'win' the Marathon at the 1904 Olympic games ?

  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • New York
  • St. Louis

Question 8 Photo

How had Fred Lorz cheated in the 1904 St. Louis Olympics Marathon?

  • He had another person run as him.
  • He had taken drugs
  • He had taken a short cut
  • He had travelled part of the race in a car

Question 9 Photo

Which famous person was in the crowd watching while Fred Lorz cheated?

  • The U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt
  • The President's wife Edith Roosevelt
  • The President's daughter Alice Roosevelt
  • The President's son Kermit Roosevelt

Question 10 Photo

What six-letter word is missing from the sentence "Fred Lorz was _______ from Track and Field"?

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Question 11 Photo

The Soviet fencer, Boris Onischenko competed in the 1976 Olympic Games. What was his occupation in the Soviet Union?

  • An army officer
  • A politician
  • A spy
  • A bank manager

Question 12 Photo

Against whom was Boris Onischenko competing when he was found to have cheated?

  • Albert Bogen of Austria
  • Viktor Sidjak of Belarus
  • Jim Fox of Britain
  • Stefano Cerioni of Italy

Question 13 Photo

In which city were the 1976 Olympic Games held?

  • Mexico City
  • Munich
  • Montreal
  • Moscow

Question 14 Photo

In the timeline of the Boris Onischenko cheating event, in which order did these events occur?

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  • Jim Fox protested to the referee
  • Boris changed the electronic part of his sword.
  • Olympic officials found the changed part of the sword
  • Boris scored points without hitting Fox

Question 15 Photo

By what name did the British newspaper headlines later refer to Boris Onischenko?

  • Cheaterschenko
  • Stinkerschenko
  • Conschenko
  • Dishonischenko