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How many languages do you know? 8 Questions.

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What does the Hungarian 'Hogy vagy' mean in English?

  • How old are you?
  • How are you?
  • Where are you from?
  • What is your name?

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What does the French 'Je m'appelle ...' mean in English?

  • I feel...
  • I am... years old
  • I am from...
  • My name is...

Question 3 Photo

What does the Portuguese 'Eu tenho um gato' mean in English?

  • I have a cat.
  • We have a dog
  • I have a dog
  • We have a cat

Question 4 Photo

What does the German 'Ich habe eine Schwester und zwei Bruder' mean in English?

  • I have a sister and a brother
  • I have two sisters and a brother
  • I have a sister and two brothers
  • I have two sisters and two brothers

Question 5 Photo

What does the Italian 'Si prega di parlare lentamente' mean in English?

  • Pleased to meet you
  • I don't understand
  • Please speak slowly
  • Glad to meet you

Question 6 Photo

What does the Swedish 'Jag gick till köpcentret' mean in English?

  • I went to the shopping mall
  • I went to the city centre
  • I went to the police station
  • I went to the town hall

Question 7 Photo

What does the Turkish 'Ben film izlerken seviyorum' mean in English?

  • I hate listening to music
  • I don't like watching movies
  • I like listening to music
  • I love watching movies

Question 8 Photo

What does the Danish 'Ego ludere' mean in English?

  • I read
  • I play
  • I watch
  • I do