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The English Cities Tribonds Quiz

From pop albums to food , can you recognise what city it will be , better check what you know! 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Which English city shares its name with a 1983 album released by the band ''Diamond Head'' , a Catholic religious position first held by St. Augustine, and a book written by Geoffrey Chaucer?

  • Canterbury
  • Cambridge
  • Chelmsford
  • Chichester

Question 2 Photo

What name do one of the two Church of England archbishop positions, an American brand of peppermint flavour sweet , and the largest Gothic cathedral in England have all in common with an English city?

  • Ripon
  • York
  • Newry
  • Truro

Question 3 Photo

Which English city can be found in an order established by King George I, a brand of English biscuit named after its creator Dr William Oliver , and a place where you clean yourself?

  • Portsmouth
  • Dover
  • Newcastle
  • Bath

Question 4 Photo

A boxer nicknamed the "British Bulldog," a 1979 album by The Clash, and the American author of "Burning Daylight" and "White Fang" are all identified by the same term as which English city?

  • London
  • Lincoln
  • Birmingham
  • Doncaster

Question 5 Photo

Which English city can be found in a type of shirt named after the basket woven cloth, the university in Philip Pullman's ''His Dark Materials'' trilogy, and a reference book of English language?

  • Cambridge
  • Oxford
  • Bradford
  • Newcastle

Question 6 Photo

A brand of gin manufactured in UK, an American car brand often sold in conjunction with Dodge and Chrysler, and an English joint stock company are all by the same term as which English city?

  • Plymouth
  • Exeter
  • Preston
  • Goole

Question 7 Photo

Which English city shares its name with an model who married Rod Stewart, one of the houses that participated in the War of the Roses, and the actor known for his work in "From Here to Eternity"?

  • Lisburn
  • Lancaster
  • Norwich
  • Newcastle

Question 8 Photo

What name do a Dublin building named for a miner , a British comedian nicknamed , and US president who took office following Garfield's assassination have in common with an English city?

  • Chester
  • Carlisle
  • Leeds
  • Bradford