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War machines quiz

Do you know what makes these war machines so unique? 12 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What can the Osprey do that a miltary helicopter can't do?

  • Flies faster for longer
  • More fire power
  • Ability to jam enemy radar
  • Can reach higher altitude

Question 2 Photo

The F 22 Raptor is one of the worlds most expensive fighter Jets, but which of these facts is correct about it?

  • Silent
  • Holds more ammunition than others it size
  • Cabin stays in tact during crash landing
  • It can shoot down enemy cruise missiles

Question 3 Photo

Which of these facts is correct about the Vigorous Dragon fighter jet?

  • Can be re-powered by sunlight
  • Can record images on ground at high speeds
  • Can stop in mid air
  • Detects ground level and high speed out of sight objects

Question 4 Photo

The T-50 Golden Eagle is popular with many countries, but what is the key element of the Jet.

  • Easy manoeuvrability at high speeds
  • 250 rounds of bullets and missiles
  • Can maintain a constant fly height when on auto piolet
  • Detector system that will pilot away from mountains and cliffs

Question 5 Photo

The Fighting Falcon is used widely in the us air force, but which of the following is true?

  • Hard to visually see whilst on the airstrip and tarmac
  • Can preform a vertical take off
  • Can travel over 500 miles in one stint
  • Hard to visually see whilst in flight

Question 6 Photo

The Sukhoi SU-27 is considered the most powerful 4th generation fighter jet, but why is that?

  • Capable of defeating enemy under 3500KM
  • Can float in water if shot down for up to 4 days
  • Can hold up top eight missiles
  • Can destroy objects submerged in water

Question 7 Photo

The Super Hornet's most important feature is what?

  • Can fly at the edge of space
  • Can be ground operated
  • Navigation system
  • Refuelling system

Question 8 Photo

The Kamov Ka-50 is a great helicopter to have when in combat, but which of the following abilities does it have to it arsenal?

  • Room for extra gunman
  • Expandable stub wings for additional guns
  • Heat suppressors to avoid thermal imaging
  • In built flame thrower for low flight attack

Question 9 Photo

Most are aware of the Eurocopter tigers fire power, but what feature does the helicopter have that gives crew peace of mind when manning it?

  • Bullet proof body armour
  • floats on water
  • Cockpit cage to ensure safe crash landing
  • Can out run most other helicopters

Question 10 Photo

Which of these facts is true about the challenger 2 tank?

  • It has alternate caterpillar tracks for all terrain
  • Is built to avoid radar
  • Has in in built nuclear biological protection system
  • Has a telescopic gun for different ranges

Question 11 Photo

What has the type 99 tank got to offer when on the battle field.

  • Can reach speeds of 70 mph
  • Ability to fire laser guided missiles
  • Gun can be used as battering ram
  • Movement sensor gun

Question 12 Photo

Which of these facts is true about the ROTEM K2 (black Panther) tank.

  • Can fire up to 10 Kilometres
  • Only needs 1 operator
  • Can accurately hit targets while on the move
  • Has 2 hours oxygen in case of chemical warfare