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Know your Gorgons from your Dragons Quiz

Mythical creatures. 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What did Medusa do to men with a look?

  • Turn them into oil.
  • Make them run away.
  • Turn them to stone.
  • Turn them into salt.

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Who were the Gorgons?

  • A football team.
  • Three sisters.
  • A herd of elephants.
  • A dance team.

Question 3 Photo

What was unusual about the Gorgons?

  • They were ballet dancers.
  • They had 3 heads each.
  • They were olympic swimmers.
  • They had serpents for hair.

Question 4 Photo

What was a Minotaur?

  • A monster who had the head of a bull and the body of a man.
  • Half man half goat.
  • A creature who was part bull and part serpent.
  • A lizards head and lions body.

Question 5 Photo

Who were the Sirens?

  • Winged bird women who lured sailors to their deaths by singing.
  • Snakes who had two heads.
  • Gigantic Boars.
  • Man eating birds with beaks of bronze and metallic feathers.

Question 6 Photo

What is a Cyclops?

  • A thunderstorm.
  • A Tsunami.
  • A one eyed cannibal.
  • A hundred eyed giant.

Question 7 Photo

What is The Lernaean Hydra?

  • A seven headed giant.
  • A giant cobra.
  • A giant swan.
  • A dragon.

Question 8 Photo

Who slayed the Lernaean Hydra?

  • Cyclops.
  • Medusa.
  • Hercales.
  • Cychreus.