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"That's One Angry Woman" Song Quiz

Angry women expressing themselves in a musical kinda way! 12 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What Aretha Franklin song is featured in both "The Blues Brothers" and "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason"?

  • Respect
  • Jump To It
  • Say It Isn't So
  • Think

Question 2 Photo

What angry woman asked her man, "What Have You Done For Me Lately"?

  • Mary J Blige
  • Janet Jackson
  • Toni Braxton
  • Jody Watley

Question 3 Photo

What former skater-girl asked her boyfriend why he made things so "Complicated"?

  • Avril Lavigne
  • Ke$ha
  • Pink
  • Gwen Stefani

Question 4 Photo

What mad mom told off the "Harper Valley PTA" back in 1968?

  • Jeannie C. Riley
  • Tammy Wynette
  • Bobbie Gentry
  • Lynn Anderson

Question 5 Photo

What disco queen let everyone know "I Will Survive"?

  • Patti LaBelle
  • Gloria Gaynor
  • Rebbie Jackson
  • Donna Summer

Question 6 Photo

What country singer says all a girl needs is "Gunpowder and Lead"?

  • Carrie Underwood
  • Taylor Swift
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Miranda Lambert

Question 7 Photo

What 70's songstress let everyone know what a jerk her guy was in the song "You're So Vain"?

  • Carly Simon
  • Linda Ronstandt
  • Carole King
  • Joni Mitchell

Question 8 Photo

What tough chick told her man "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"?

  • Patty Smyth
  • Pat Benatar
  • Deborah Harry
  • Lita Ford

Question 9 Photo

What lady really lays into her ex-boyfriend in the song "Rolling in the Deep"?

  • Duffy
  • Jessie J
  • Adele
  • Amy Winehouse

Question 10 Photo

What American Idol winner let her man know exactly what's up "Since You've Been Gone"?

  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Jordin Sparks
  • Kellie Pickler
  • Jennifer Hudson

Question 11 Photo

What Canadian girl went mental on her ex-boyfriend with "You Oughta Know"?

  • Sheryl Crowe
  • Tori Amos
  • Shirley Manson
  • Alanis Morrisette

Question 12 Photo

What daddy's girl got fed up and told her man "These Boots Were Made For Walking"?

  • Dusty Springfield
  • Nancy Sinatra
  • LuLu
  • Connie Francis