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Say What You See Quiz 2

Can you rationalise the illustration with the clue to reveal the common phrase or saying? 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Can you recall this common phrase?

  • Dim and distant past
  • Blast from the past
  • Bomb past it
  • First past the post

Question 2 Photo

Sorry, what did you say this phrase is?

  • Deaf between the ears
  • On his deaf bed
  • Deaf as a post
  • Falling on deaf ears

Question 3 Photo

Which colloquialism is represented here?

  • Hand in hand
  • Second hand
  • Double Handed
  • Hand in the till

Question 4 Photo

Can you decipher this and maintain secrecy?

  • Couldn't make head or tail of it
  • Bring to a head
  • Keep it under your hat
  • Above his head

Question 5 Photo

How long will it take to find the right words for this?

  • Just a minute
  • Half a second
  • A second or two
  • A split second

Question 6 Photo

Can you say what you see without fretting?

  • Manic Monday
  • Bad hair day
  • Monday morning feeling
  • Hair raising

Question 7 Photo

There's only one correct answer to this, so what is it?

  • Get your money's worth
  • Easy money
  • Put your money where your mouth is
  • Made of money

Question 8 Photo

Look out, what does this idiom mean?

  • Keep an eye on things
  • First things first
  • One of those things
  • See things in a different light

Question 9 Photo

Can you decipher this without repeating it?

  • Going too far
  • Going around in circles
  • Going on a round trip
  • What goes round comes around

Question 10 Photo

Last one now, so no clues, what's the phrase?

  • Saying grace
  • By the grace of God
  • Saving grace
  • Fall from grace