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The Airports Quiz

This will check if you love or hate airports! 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Where is John Lennon Airport?

  • Liverpool in England
  • New York City in United States of America
  • Oslo in Norway
  • Paris in France

Question 2 Photo

The Madeira Airport is one of the most dangerous airports in the World but why is it?

  • There is a motorway going through the airport runwway .
  • It has a short runway which with a drop to the Atlantic Ocean .
  • The airport is situated in a very high location .
  • There is always water on the runway .

Question 3 Photo

The Lukla Airport is a very famous airport to get people to Mount Everest Base Camp but it is ranked the most dangerous airport in the World , how high is it situated?

  • 1240 Metres
  • 1864 Metres
  • 2840 Metres
  • 2860 Metres

Question 4 Photo

Princess Juliana International Airport is an airport situated next to the beach full of people which makes it very dangerous , but it is situated in which country's part of the Saint Martin Island?

  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Kazakhstan

Question 5 Photo

The Barra Airport is the only airport which has airplanes landing on what?

  • Ice
  • Beach
  • Bricks
  • Metal

Question 6 Photo

The Gibraltar Airport is dangerous because it is open to cars and people to travel on the other side of the runway but what is it that makes it even more dangerous?

  • Litter which is dropped on the runway
  • The runway is very short
  • There are the Ocean ad Sea waves from each side
  • Amount you have to pay to get on the other side

Question 7 Photo

The Juancho E Yrausquin Airport is considered one of the most dangerous due to strong winds but how long is the runway?

  • 200 Metres
  • 400 Metres
  • 600 Metres
  • 800 Metres

Question 8 Photo

Why is the Dong Mueang International Airport different from others?

  • It has a park in the middle of the two runways
  • It is on an artificial island
  • It has the runways made from metal
  • It has the runway with a motorway