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Common Denominator 2

I've given you three items, you're job is to pick what they have in common. Good Luck! 12 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What do Djibouti, Mauritania and Egypt have in common?

  • All Have Pyramids
  • They're African Countries
  • All Are Land Locked Countries
  • All Are Kingdoms

Question 2 Photo

What do Gloria Steinham, Alan Alda and Beatrix Campbell have in common?

  • All Ran For Senator
  • All Have Written Self-Help Books
  • All Have Been Magazine Editors
  • All Are Feminists

Question 3 Photo

What do Prypiate Ukraine, Craco Italy and Centralia USA have in common?

  • All Are Home To Nuclear Power Plants
  • Have Strictest Gun Laws In Their Countries
  • They're All Abandoned Cities
  • Oldest Living People Live There

Question 4 Photo

What do "rappers" Ludacris, Andre 3000 and Ice Cube have in common?

  • Have Successful Acting Careers
  • Started Their Own Record Labels
  • All Are High School Drop-Outs
  • All Have Been Arrested

Question 5 Photo

What do Landsat, Goldeneye and the International Space Station have in common?

  • All Are Action Movies
  • All Are Satellites
  • All Are Antarctic Exploration Stations
  • All Are Space Programs

Question 6 Photo

What do Sri Lanka, England and India have in common?

  • All Have Won The Cricket Worldcup
  • All Have Hosted The Cricket Worldcup 3 Times
  • All Have Top 10 Worldcup Cricket Teams
  • All Have Won A Worldcup Match By Default

Question 7 Photo

What do Alexander Litvinenko, Malcolm X and Robert F. Kennedy have in common?

  • All Were Assassinated
  • All Founded Civil Rights Groups
  • All Were MI6 Agents
  • All Wrote Their Own Biographies

Question 8 Photo

What do The Monkey, The Camel and The Watusi have in common?

  • They're All Found In Zoo's
  • All Are Native To Northeast Africa
  • All Are Pictured On Cigarette Packs
  • They're 60's Dances

Question 9 Photo

What do Garage Band, Reeder and Flipboard have in common?

  • They're All i-Phone Apps
  • They're All Skateboards
  • They're All Rock Bands
  • They're All Video Games

Question 10 Photo

What do Unilever, Henkel and L'Oreal have in common?

  • They're All Brands of Laundry Detergent
  • They're All Chemical Plants
  • They're All Objects of Torture
  • They're All Cosmetics Companies

Question 11 Photo

What do the Catacombs of Paris, The Queen Mary Oceanliner and The Tower of London have in common?

  • All Are Over 100 Years Old
  • All Have Been Rebuilt
  • All Are Supposedly Haunted
  • You Can Book An Overnight Stay

Question 12 Photo

What do Barbara Stanwyck, Debbie Reynolds and Kate Winslet have in common?

  • They All Married A Director
  • They All Won An Emmy
  • They Were All On Stage In "Annie Get Your Gun"
  • They All Starred In A "Titanic" Movie